Barack's Tax HOCUS POCUS

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    Several months back, Barack Obama voted yes, on a Democratic resolution that would have raised taxes, starting at $41,600.

    His own inconsistency, first using $250,000, then in a recent ad, $200,000, at the same time Joe Biden was using $150,000 and now a leading surrogate, Governor Bill Richardson using $120,000, has shown that his staunch promises to the American public will soon be betrayed and the disgusting political spin that was so perfected in the 1990's by Paul Begala, Ann Lewis, and scores of other Clinton liars/cronies, will come roaring back.

    Congressional Budget Office stats from the late 90's showed that the top quintile (20%) pays 79% of all taxes, and that the bottom quintile pays -2%.

    Contrary to the nonsense the Mainstream Media, Democrats and the entire Nanny State Left gets away with, convincing so many young voters that a victim status actually exists in the U.S. the top 2 quintiles, pay a huge amount for all government, the bottom 2 quintiles receive a huge amount.

    The middle quintile $37,771 to $60,000, receives a fairly big amount in the lower half, but the upper half pay somewhat heavily.

    IRS tax returns reveal that in 1990, the bottom half of taxpayers carried 5.48% share of the total burden of income taxes.

    Due to redistribution from the top and upper middle class--from about $45,000 and up--and whose taxpaying share keeps increasing, the bottom half of taxpayers--66 million workers--is now down to 2.99% as more and more goodies come their way.

    Barack's stated intentions will redistribute plenty more, but his hidden intentions will be worse.

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