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    The following is from

    It is Michael Badnarik's (the LP presidential candidate) official opinion on Unemployment.

    How to Keep the Economy Up and Unemployment Down!

    "Excess regulation and government spending destroy jobs and increase unemployment. Every regulator we fire results in the creation of over 150 new jobs, enough to hire the ex-regulator, the unemployed, and the able-bodied poor."

    Have you lost your job to downsizing or corporate mergers? Are you fearful that you might? If so, you won't want to vote for the Democrats or Republicans this November.

    Establishment politicians think that larger, more elaborate government jobs programs are the solution to your problems. However, since these programs must be funded by taking money from the private sector, even more jobs are destroyed---more jobs than the government programs can ever create.

    Establishment politicians dont have solutions that work in the real world because they aren't asking the tough question: "Why are jobs becoming scarce? Why do we have so much downsizing and so many corporate mergers?"

    The answer is too much regulation and too much government spending. In the 1980s, the number of federal regulators fell from about 122,000 to barely 100,000. The private sector added 3,500,000 jobs as a consequence. The loss of each federal regulator resulted in the creation of more than 150 new jobs, enough to hire the ex-regulator, most of the unemployed, and some of the able-bodied poor. The nation prospered!

    Between 1987 to 1992, the number of regulators swelled once more to pre-1980 levels. The 3.5 million newly-created jobs were destroyed as a result. The number of regulators has continued to increase, costing additional jobs as well. Was your job among them? Will you be unemployed when the next wave of government regulation hits?

    More government regulation and spending translate to more unemployment and less wealth creation. Less wealth creation means fewer goods and services, less health care, higher prices. The resulting lower standard of living means that people die needlessly. One study estimated that the death toll from regulations that do more harm than good cost 60,000 American lives each year! Will your loved ones be among them?

    Even when government spends for a good cause, society becomes poorer. Consequently, the Swedish government, which established elaborate social safety nets in the 1970s, can now barely create enough wealth to sustain itself. America will end up in the same situation if we continue to grow government.

    We know how jobs are destroyed: too much regulation and too much government spending. We know how to reverse the process; we've done it before. If you elect me as your president, I promise to downsize government instead of your job!

    I'm Michael Badnarik, Libertarian for President. I ask the tough questions---to give you answers that really work!

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