As American as apple pie...women, dinner and guns....a nice night out for the ladies...

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    Here we have an article on a chapter of "A Girl and a Gun." Women are safer and better prepared if they know how to safely use a gun....this group helps that process....and keeps our wives, sister, and daughters safe.....

    Women bond over handguns and dinner at Frogbones in Melbourne

    “I joined because I wanted some camaraderie with women and to learn how to shoot,” said Grace Ban of Indian Harbour Beach. "I went to a gun show and met LuAnn and the next week I was in and it’s been love ever since."

    That was nearly a year ago, in November 2017.

    “I wanted to learn how to shoot and to feel more comfortable with it and the ladies just seemed really nice,” Hiltz said.

    The banter continues around the table and Linda Shideler, 70, of Rockledge, offers: “Basically, it’s a group of girls that go and shoot. You don’t have some guy telling you you don’t know what you’re doing.”

    Before returning to the range for the second group, Johnson answered the question why a gun club and not, say, archery or bowling.

    “I’m in a bowling club, too," she said. "But my dad is a shooter. Going with him all the time, it was bigger guns. I was comfortable shooting with him, but the firearms weren’t comfortable because I was brand new at it.

    “So we were shooting here and went to Double Tapp Grill to eat dinner, and this line of girls came through and they all have these (club) shirts on," she said. "I looked them up on Facebook and found them and joined the group."

    Now she's comfortable handling several types of guns.

    “It’s fun for all of us shooting big stuff and little stuff and fun stuff and loud stuff and fast stuff. It gives us a chance to be able to share that with each other.”

    There is another, more-sobering motivation, and that is learning how to handle a gun for self-defense.

    “I did have an experience that was unnerving, and I didn’t have my gun on me," said Sharon Rice, 45, of Melbourne. "I was walking my dog sort of late at night, and I had a gentleman park and then start following me for a good distance. He was very clearly following me. I reported it to police and I was able to get back to my home. That’s when I said I would never walk without my gun again.”
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    My wife and I tag-team on being the designated driver-shooter.

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