Another victim of Lukashenko’s regime

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    Another victim of Lukashenko’s regime

    Ivan Nikitchenko (professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, chairman of the Center for support of the Chernobyl initiatives) died in a car accident near Maladzyechna… It was reported by the BNF party, where Nikitchenko was a member. It’s necessary to admit that professor was one of Rymashevsky’s (Rymashevsky is a candidate for the post of Belarus’ president) spearhead group members. I don’t believe that it was an accidental death, as in Bebenin’s case! I’m directly working in Rymashevsky’s office and I know best that this accident was set up! Professor Nikitchenko was going to the meeting with his colleagues from the Center for support of the Chernobyl initiatives, where they have to give him documentary records of illegal beneficiation of Lukashenko’s clan at the expense of clearing for operation the territories suffered because of Chernobyl accident. Nikitchenko was going to initiate in the next few days the public discussion of those crimes on some of the web sites… Nikitchenko was a man of execution. They feared him and now they got rid of him to hide their crimes…

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