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    Here you go......a final argument from Andrew Klavan...

    Why Trump?

    Trump is clearly better. This is an election in which either candidate can sling mud endlessly without ever straying from the truth. I've already said what I think of Trump. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, lying, cheating, anti-constitutional bully and ideologue with plans to destroy both our First and Second Amendments.

    Those who claim her corruption does not outdo Watergate are not thinking clearly. To see it plain, you have to combine her misdeeds with the fact that Obama has already turned the federal government into precisely the kind of Democrat machine that brought us Son of Sam New York in the '70s, and desolate Detroit today.

    Hillary is already part of that machine, and once she's at the helm of it, she will add her own particular brand of money-grubbing malfeasance to the ideological malfeasance Obama has put in place. With our major news outlets run by see-no-evil Democrats, it's a recipe for Boss Tweed America, maybe the worst abuse of the federal government we've ever known.


    So in the name of lower taxes, less political correctness, the possibility of decent Supreme Court appointments, and better border enforcement: Trump for President. And try to do better next time, my beloved country.

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