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    Sweden's rape crime rate has increased 1400%. Sweden, which was once called the progressive-liberal capitol of the world has now become the rape crime capitol of Europe and 2nd in the world. 2 million Muslim immigrants from 190 countries have already infested Sweden. In 1975 the Swedish parliament decided that they needed to become a multicultural country in order to assure that Sweden was not going to be Swedish anymore but multicultural.

    While Swedish journalists dutifully report the propaganda their government depends upon to keep their citizens in the dark, neighbors in Norway are not holding back. 100% of the rapists in Norway have been identified as Muslim immigrants according to Norwegian authorities.

    In the Netherlands, women are being viciously attacked in broad daylight by Muslim immigrants.

    The European people are now taking their lives into their own hands when they go out in public. They cannot even walk down the street without risking a confrontation with an angry mob of Muslim immigrants trying to punch them in the face. It is shocking to see men walking up to women they do not know and punching them in the face, knocking them to the ground and beating them up. What kind of religion endorses men punching women in the face, knocking them to the ground and beating them up?


    No society can tolerate such lawlessness and survive. The future of Europe is hanging in the balance right now as Peter Sutherland and his Muslim sympathizing Pope push for more mass immigration of Muslims into European nations. When the Pope tried to insert his globalist agenda of mass migration into American politics, photographs of the Vatican's wall (built to keep Muslim invaders out) were posted all over the internet. This was in response to the Pope's attack on Donald Trump for daring to promise the American people a wall between Mexico and the United States.

    Not all European nations are laying down for the Islamic insurgents invading their country. In the following video you will see Finland Patriots form a human barricade to drive hordes of Muslims back over the border into Sweden.

    For any who doubt the Islamic Invasion of Europe, there is this video:

    Marco Rubio is pro-amnesty. He supports Muslim invaders flooding the United States which is why the liberal media promotes him. Marco Rubio would permit millions of undocumented Muslims, many who are ISIS, into America without hesitation. This is why a vote for Rubio is a vote for the destruction of America. The American people who have examined Rubio's pro-amnesty record understand that Rubio has betrayed the people of the United States of America.

    Donald Trump has promised to ban Muslim immigration to America until we find out what is going on. When Trump becomes the next president of the United States he will undoubtedly take it a step further and place a permanent ban on Muslim immigration to America.

    Super Tuesday is the day to make our voices heard. I'm predicting a historical turnout for Mr. Donald J. Trump. He is the only man who has shown the courage to resist political correctness and stand with the American people. If you want to keep America safe and stop Islamic hordes from invading our land, vote for Trump.

    Attention Rubio supporters out there:

    Marco Rubio supports gun free zones. NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer complained that Marco Rubio's house refused to pass legislation making it legal for employees to carry a weapon to work.

    On the subject of globalization, Marco Rubio said, “Whether we like it or not, globalization is here to stay.” Rubio sounds more like internationalist Peter Sutherland, than a citizen of the United States. Senator Marco Rubio has stated that our trouble is not with Islam. Where have we heard that lie before?
    Marco Rubio: Our issue is not with Islam | Pamela Geller

    If Americans are serious about preventing an Islamic invasion of the United States, they will go out tomorrow and vote for Donald Trump.

    If Marco Rubio is serious about doing what is in the best interest of the country, he'll get out of the race after Super Tuesday and respect the will of the people over the will of Bill Gates and his globalist friends.

    Make sure that you vote for Donald Trump tomorrow. We need a strong president that will keep America from becoming the next “Absurdistan.”
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    Patriotic American Muslim
    The only thing absurd is your post. ..... :cool:
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    Hold on. Are you telling me that if an employer doesn't allow guns in their workplace, you would remove that prerogative?
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    what is "absurd" about Mrs. M's Post?

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