A Well regulated Militia, being necessary (To Kill Off The Indigenous Tribes). . .(?)

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    Whatever did the Framers have in mind: When Confronting Connecticut? Likely anyone will say that modern day peoples are clueless about the subject. . .since mostly the indigenous tribes have already been killed, or herded into lands called, "reservations."

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    What was the historical context in which the Second Amendment was "Framed?" "Too many Jews," does not come to mind. The Ivy League likely thinks, "France." Even on 9/11, the terrorists were atomized--and apparently wound up in Afghanistan, or somewhere in Iraq. The Bush-Cheney Oval Office could be said what "The Framers had in mind(?)," if there were maps anywhere in it, at all! Vice President Cheney--did understand about the lawyers. Possibly there was a lot that the Framers had in mind(?)! Even going back to 9/11, Jet Airliners may be what "The Framers" had in mind(?)!

    Most likely the "well-regulated militia" concept meant having around a weapon that actually worked. The word, "regulated" appears in the Amendment. Weapons regulations would be a part of the concept. . .which likely evolved. . .maybe like Connecticut.

    It is often noted that "the security of a free state," would eventually, mostly include: Women and Children. Eventually it would all be put on film, and on network television of, "The Golden Age(?)!" George Armstrong Custer knew what a well-regulated Militia was all about. . .if apparently the Ivy League is to be believed!

    There were probably gun control advocates, even then.

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