A Week in the Life of Justice Don Willett

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    Justice never sleeps if you’re on the Texas Supreme Court. It’s 2:30 a.m. Lightning strikes; thunder booms. It’s pouring, and I’m poring…over legal briefs, prepping for court in a few hours. I’m exhausted—but exhilarated. Serving 27 million Texans spread across 254 counties and two time zones isn’t a job for those who require a lot of sleep.


    After oral arguments, the justices gather in conference to discuss cases. The lawyers have debated; now it’s our turn. We’re an all-Republican court, but we revel in give-and-take, and our varied work backgrounds sharpen our discussions. (My bull-riding experience comes in surprisingly handy.)


    I’m metabolically hard-wired for cloistered Supreme Court life, relishing what Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. called “the secret joy of isolated thought.” I write a lot, and rewrite even more. When writing, I split my time between my chambers and my satellite office: my neighborhood Chick-fil-A. It offers the word-nerd trifecta: I bring Bose headphones; they provide Wi-Fi and waffle fries.

    But to do my job, I must keep my job. Re-election comes every six years, which explains why I spend so much time on Twitter. If you’re an obscure judge whose name ID hovers between infinitesimal and zilch, it’s political malpractice to neglect social media.
    A Week in the Life of Justice Don Willett

    Tweetingist is now a word. That in itself is depressing. But his artcle is pretty cool.

    Justice Don Willett (@JusticeWillett) | Twitter

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