Pedophile Police Officer Found.

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    Bakersfield Police have a program called the Police Explorers. This program is to encourage young people to get involved with the Police, possibly even looking at the career of Law Enforcement when they grow up. The program is overseen by actual cops, so the young people can be involved with real cops.

    One officer got very involved with a girl. Deputy Arrested for Alleged Sex With Teen Explorer Scout

    I decided to post this knowing the inevitable complaints. This happened in California, and that is the problem. It's all the Democrats fault, if there were Republicans in charge, this would never happen. Curiously enough, that is rather easy to address right now.

    Oklahoma, and if there is a more solidly red State or area then it would be hard to find. Yet, this time the cop was trying to pick up an even younger girl, and was found with child pornography on his computer. Imagine my shock that this could happen in a Republican state.

    Police officer arrested for alleged sex offense

    It isn't just a problem in the cities, or in Democratic areas, or because of Minorities. It's a fucking problem and as long as we pretend it isn't a problem near us, we only let it continue and make it worse.
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