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Discussion in 'Politics' started by RetiredGySgt, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Who actually thinks if we raise taxes on the rich we will effect the trillion dollar deficits?

    Who thinks that ignoring historical facts ( you never raise taxes in a recession) that things will get better?

    Why is that the dems claim a mandate for taxes when they did not win the House?

    Why is it when Reid refuses to even send to committee bill after bill from the House, the dems claim the House is to blame? You are aware that the way a divided Congress works is to take those bills make the changes you feel are needed and then go to house senate committee to work out those differences? That the stone walling is a Senate that simply refuses to send to committee bills from the House?

    All supported by Obama.

    Can anyone name for me a year where the Dems raised taxes and did not RAISE spending too?

    We have not had a budget since mid 2009. Why you ask? Because the Senate refuses to discuss budget bills from the house. Rather then take them and make changes as they feel are needed they simple refuse to do their Constitutional duty and work on bills from the House.

    And now a simple statement of fact. If the dems think they can force the House to simple rubber stamp their plans because Romney was not elected, then they are the problem.

    If this President wants to lead he needs to tell Reid to stop obstructing Congressional responsibility and do their duty. Take the House bills, make the changes they honestly feel are needed and then go to committee and see if the 2 houses can work out a compromise. Reid isn't even trying.
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    You are right on the money. The Democrats are obstructing the whole process...except when it comes to Executive Orders. Obama has the record on those. I feel certain he will issue hundreds more before he leaves the office.

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