21 Questions For Pres. Bush, Democratic Party, USMB

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    just something I thought of while contemplating what happens after Pres. Bush is assured and vindicated as the winner in a few days (here come the lawsuits people!)

    1) Pres. Bush, when can we take Fallujah?

    2) Pres. Bush, what are we going to do for/in Afghanistan now that Hamad Karzai has been affirmed the winner of the first democratic elections?

    3) Pres. Bush, what's the first thing you want to do in Congress?

    4) Pres. Bush, same question, second thing you want to do in Congress?

    5) Pres. Bush, same question, third thing you want to do in Congress?

    6) Pres. Bush, can we please intervene in Darfur? The government there is not even bothering to pay lip service to the UN and is about to go into the final phase of their plan to exterminate the tribes of Darfur.

    7) Pres. Bush, do you think the Euros will pick their broken hearts up and come to Washington to help figure out a workable plan to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions?

    8) Pres. Bush, with Arafat gone, what will you do about the Palestinians? You don't have to worry about offending the Jewish or Arab voters anymore, you can do what you want and feel is right here.

    9) Pres. Bush, who in your cabinet is going to leave? Who would you like to replace them with?

    10) Pres. Bush, what are you going to do about immigration reform now that you don't have to worry about offending the Latino vote?

    11) USMB, what do we do now about our liberal/ proud democrat posters? Do you think they're going to come back after all this?

    12) Democrats, what do you do with Sen. Kerry, who still is a senator?

    13) Democrats, do you jump to the left or try to move to the center?

    14) Democrats, who is your replacement for Sen. Minority Leader Tom Daschle?

    15) Democrats, who is your leader now? Hilary/Bill Clinton? Howard Dean? Nancy Pelosi?

    16) Democrats, are you going to force your only star, Sen. Obama of Illinois, to the left, or will you let him discover the political possibilities of the center?

    17) Democrats, will you oppose everything Pres. Bush does now, or will you try to work with him?

    18) Democrats, what will you do about Iraq now?

    19) Democrats, will you try to find corruption and scandal in the White House and try to impeach the president at some point in the next 4 years?

    20) Democrats, do you think John Edwards will survive this whole "every vote counts" saga with the respect of the majority of the American people?

    21) Democrats, don't you think you should emulate Pres. Bush and simplify your message and stick to it?

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