Zionist genocide in Israel

Geez Glasnost, I’m pretty critical of Israel but that is way out in left field. If they were going to bomb Rafah into oblivion, they could have so already. They have the capability.
You are not paying attention or maybe you are suffering from tunnel vision.

1). FIRST: Herding the Palestinians into Rafah
2). SECOND: Bombimg them like fish in a barrel

So, what sort of "duh" are you preparing now?

Imagine a blockhead like you telling anyone else to “use” their head.
Since you never have, you should probably practice what you preach. 👍

Meanwhile , back on topic, there is STILL not an iota of truth in the antiSemitic claim that Israel is engaged in a “genocide.”

You folks are hideous liars.

You can call Plan Dagan anything you like.
Enough with your hasbara!

Semite is a language group that includes Arabic, Amharic, Syriac and Hebrew. Your history is not the whole story. The European Jews knew that other people were living in Palestine for more than 2000 years.
When were there a Palestine? Can you name a king of Palestine?

You know that there was no Germany or Italy until 200 years ago, but people lived there. Same with Palestine. The Palestinians, Muslims and Christians weren't immigrants. It was their ancestral home.
Things Americans don’t know….

In 1948 750,000 Palenstinians were forced from their land, approx 15,000 killed

Israelis have been killing Palestinians every year since, including 35,000 since Oct

Since 1948 less than 5,000 Israelis have been killed including Oct 7

They call the Palestinians the terrorists
That is splitting hairs. Arabs are semitic peoples but anti-semitic, as a term has from inception, referred to Jews.

Right. The Jews claim the word just like they claim God gave them Palestine and told them to kill all the Canaanites.

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