Your GOP Opposed Federal Stimulus Dollars At Work!


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Feb 22, 2009
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The "Great Recession" is firstly famous for creating the Most Major Hollywood Box Office Ticket Sales ever in history. There will even be a remake of "Karate Kid" out this summer, wherein a rich black kid, of industry parents, even found a job. At least some black parents actually have clout in the job market: Unlike others(?)! "Others" includes even those who do not bounce and run with new sports equipment, over short distances, for "work:" As they see it!

Mostly, everyone else got stimulus money, and spent it on stuff. That means that other people actually had to make it , and still others had to spread it around, or sell it, or whatever. Apparently the ADP report shows that even Ford Motor Co., of one of the lesser sectors: Started to re-hire employees, possibly in Detroit. That is not so-stated!

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State and Local governments, by contrast--are not hiring, and are laying off, "productive" workers, and pink slips are going out to many teachers. These, of course, are the major new employment sectors in America. They, we now know, are the "dedicated professionals" who actually caused it all. Somehow, even their unions seem to want them to be compared to the U. S. "professionals" who created the on-going "crisis interventions(?)," in Iraq and in Afghanistan--possibly with fewer casualties, but noticeably with fewer refugees(?).

On the one hand, there is the plague of UN Aid Workers now heavily engaged in Credit Market bereft East Africa. GOP likely wants everyone to notice that there is no money there, which is what they intended--even for America--even now. Real "Laissez Faire" has no concept of a socialist credit market! The Austrians even know that the credit markets are somehow evil(?)! Bankers do stupid things, like give money away to. . . "sub-prime," people. Socialists, such as Prime Minister Brown, continuously have to remind people that credit markets are Socialist, instead!

Then on the other hand, there is the Washington, D. C. school system--complete with the teaching "professionals," at work--complete with the more refugees, and just possibly the fewer actual casualties.

The Democratic, Socialist, Stimulus actually sent Income Tax, Schedule M money, out to engaged and involved human beings. As a result, even many more have become engaged in productive enterprise.

That was not a part of the Republican Agenda, and including after the Clinton Administration. The Austrians would call the even additional cheap credit some nature of "sin," as though Milton Friedman had actually prooven Lord J. Maynard Keynes wrong(?)! Republicans have always understood that there are more "professional" things to do instead. No one will probably be found who will doubt: That the Republicans "knew a thing or two," about "professionals," even in the Bush Administration!

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Would a goose, by any other name: Smell half so. . . . . hmmmmm?!)
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