Why Republicans Are a Bunch of Liberals


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Mar 8, 2013
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Republicans today do not stand up for objective morality. They insist on rugged individualism and violate rights to privacy and freedom of assembly nonstop when it comes to defining appropriate behavior within organizations.

There's just one big problem with that.

The idea of rugged individualism is the foundation of liberalism. It comes from the Progressive Era's Social Gospel's Protestant Work Ethic...

...but this shouldn't be much of a surprise. After all, it was after the Progressive Era that the New York Intellectuals came around and established the foundation of neoconservatism.

Why does this matter?

The Zionism of neoconservatism is what laid the foundation for the Protestant Work Ethic in the first place. It's the idea of some people being chosen by God to be elected for salvation in bringing light to the world in judging others' performance of good works which set the stage for Martin Luther's reintegration of the Hebrew Bible into the Old Testament. He did so after the Catholic Church insisted on the sale of indulgences to make penance because he didn't believe an institution of worship was necessary. Instead, he recognized that people were chosen for salvation or not. While Luther didn't advocate judging people's good works themselves to represent a predestined calling, future Protestants did such as Calvin...

...but in any case, it was from here that the foundation of liberalism was born. It was from here that people's autonomous judgment was dismissed, and instead, people became expected to satisfy the judgment of their peers before being treated with respect, and while modern liberals or Republicans might not refer to religious origins all the time, they often insist on work ethic, predestined callings, and good works before treating people with respect...

...or perhaps they refer to their most favorite excuse - pragmatism. They ignore how what's pragmatic is contingent upon your inclinations.

In fact, Immanuel Kant, the forefather of pragmatism from his literal Critique of Practical Reason explicitly focused on this when describing hypothetical imperatives. In fact, one of the American fathers of pragmatism, Charles Sanders Peirce, explicitly wanted to call the ideology pragmaticism to distinguish it from Immanuel Kant's recognition of autonomous pure reason before practical reason.

Republicans are liberals, and now, they're losing because they refuse to see the error in their ways. Instead, Democrats are making them take a dose of their own medicine through regulation in social programs, public goods, and redistributive justice. Democrats have been fed up with Republican liberalism for too long in private households, churches, businesses, and clubs. They appeal to government regulation in order to counterbalance Republicans' demand for good works, work ethic, and predestined callings, ignoring how what's pragmatic to someone isn't automatically pragmatic to everyone. Republicans call this socialism, but what's really socialism is the nasty attitude which Republicans have towards other individuals on a day by day basis in expecting them to do what Republicans want or else, and then they hide behind professionalism in the course of due process to get away with it.

Will Republicans change though? No. They're stuck in their ways and will carry on to all ends of the earth. As long as Republicans insist on disrespecting the individuality of utility preferences in private organizations and hide behind plausible deniability to get away with their wise guy antics, Democrats will regulate them more and more until they stop, deconstructing their social fabric in order to prove how much their free markets really do depend on principles in order to be preserved and that the Protestant Work Ethic can be turned around on its head.

In fact, Republicans have even surrendered to it in the way of the decay of family values and embrace of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as well as their anti-intellectual tolerance of public education displacing objective morals. In fact, Republicans have no widespread campaign to challenge feminism, multiculturalism, egalitarianism, consumerism, hedonism, libertinism, or anything else which they're losing on...

...because they just don't care. The only thing Republicans care about is rugged individualism where they blame the victim by having bad manners, telling those who are victimized that they have to associate with the utility preferences of others or else they're being impractical and deserve to be abused and neglected by criminals and authorities.
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