Why can't the Repubs let go of the laptop?

They do not care that he is on trial. They feel he should not be on trial. Yet they keep yammering that we need tougher gun laws. Just do not enforce the ones we have if it is a democrat.
Then again Clinton was accused of having sex with numerous women and his wife calling them names in defense of her husband. Yet Trump did it and it is all they can talk about.
Then you have Biden bragging that he wanted a prosecutor fired or he would withhold government funds yet they are all over a phone call about if there was any dirt.

While I am not a big Trump fan I do have to laugh at the shortage of analytical skills of some democrats. It seems like there are more problems with the democrats on this then the Republicans.
Lefties create the gun laws and then they whine when one of their own gets caught.
Absent anything on the laptop that incriminates Joe, Repub's hysteria now focuses on........well.......any bullshit they can come up with to smear the elder Biden ahead of the election.

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