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~Who Let The Dogs Out~


May 13, 2011
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In college football, Georgia Bulldogs played Tennessee Volunteers yesterday.
Even tho I live in Tennessee, I loathe the Tennessee Volunteeers, I think the bright color orange is sickening to look at as well.
My son, who is a Bulldog fan, lives in a nice subdivision, and all his neighbors are Tennessee fans....he is the only Georgia fan.
They are great neighbors, everyone gets along well...and his next door neighbor put a orange Tennessee flag on my son's mailbox yesterday, just fooling around.
Well....Georgia beat Tennessee.....so my son drove around his neighborhod, with his windows down in his truck, and his speakers up loud....and he drove s-l-o-w-l-y thru...with the song "Who let the dogs out".......blasting in the night time air.
His neighbors got a kick out of it ~LoL~
People think we're odd..here we are from Tennessee, and we hate the Tennessee teams :lol:

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