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White House / GOP Turmoil Shows! Stirring Up Hornets To Blot Out International Success(?)


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Feb 22, 2009
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A fire is Burning in California(?). The new one apparently was started when a tree branch fell on a power line, near the Marengo Tribal Casino, assertion of. . . .business supremacy(?). The tree branch collapsed due to unusual activity of a giant beehive, in the wood.

Taking America Back has all kinds of supporters--and maybe some Black and Tuvalu, Nationalists, too boot(?). California nations have found a way, themselves. Manhattan maybe soon they can take back, too!

Meanwhile, in a resounding diplomatic and international achievement--The Republican White House got the North Korean--to put on new mascara(?)--(Squinting most U. S. Nationals probably know about, already(?)).
Dare we say, "Blink!" does come to mind(?).
It looks like Trump called North Korea's bluff on Guam, and Kim Jong Un just blinked

Stock markets are impressed. For one thing, "If it looks open-carry, and sounds open-carry," then the Chinese are alarmed! Sanctions have happened. Anyone notices that it would easily be said an act of war, on its face: To "test" a ballistic missile warhead explosion, near Guam: With no sense of background if even a 200 mile radius of accuracy might be current. The thing could possibly explode in New Zealand, Manila, or even Beijing.

So in credible diplomacy, all kinds of face was saved: And on many, many sides(?).

So Domestically, most people probably go with the "Open Carry," and various state of battle dress, deployed in the near race-riot, terrorist event: Of the weekend.

And so GOP can take no credit for anything major, just this week.

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Great White Yellow Hair in Washington: Taking no lead on Lands of Many Nations(?)!"

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