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When le garçon qui baise les grand-mères trys to invade The U.K......


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Jul 14, 2011
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Oak Grove, Massachusetts
When the little boy who get it on with grandmothers stops talking about how Britain is not a sovereign nation and launches his war who will Xiden support?

At the bit talking shop this week Macron, putative president of France, launches a diatribe about how Northern Ireland is not part of Britain. How it is that sausages made in England cannot be eaten in N.I. because he and his clique in The European Union say so.

No mistaking his reckless speech as anything other than an assault of British sovereignty. So what's next? Frog warships blowing British freighters bearing bangers out of the water?

When. No "if" about it - Macron starts that war. When the shooting starts Xiden will be quiet until he gets the e-mail from his Godfather in China telling him which way to hop.

And hop he will.

But he'll be alone. There are no Americans left with the balls to fight for anything. No, wait, that's wrong. There is a very strong will to fight - for FREE STUFF.

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