What are Trump's next moves?


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Jan 3, 2021
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Maybe get a decent lawyer, if he can find one who will work with him.
And not care about not getting paid.
Trump donated his Presidential salary. You can bet Biden won't. Oh and Trump is a billionaire I doubt he has any problem paying his bills.
Trump is famous for 40 years for NOT paying his bills.
The Trumpsters don't care.

Remember the Fifth Avenue Rule.
I do.. Trump debased his presidency, sabotaged his reelection and destroyed his legacy.. I have never seen such a stupid man. He could have easily won reelection, you know. You know that saying, when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging? That's Trump stupidity. He can't stop.
Yep. He had a chance to be a strong leader in a time of national crisis, and instead chose to be a petulant radio talk show host. He could have won fairly easily if he had just done that.

I'd only disagree on one thing: He didn't debase HIS presidency. He debased OUR presidency.
I stand corrected, Mac...Well said.

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