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Vote Buying to Get The Job Done

Adam's Apple

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Apr 25, 2004
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Guess vote buying is illegal everywhere but in the chambers of Congress.

Vote Buying
by Cal Thomas, Human Events

There are laws -- even ethics rules -- against buying votes in Congress. Lobbyists (Jack Abramoff and others) went to prison for attempting to buy votes and congressmen (Randy “Duke” Cunningham and Bob Ney) went to prison for selling them.

As with so many things Congress does, the rules they make for others do not always apply to some of its members.

In the scandalous, shortsighted sellout of American troops in Iraq, a slim Democratic House majority passed a measure that speaker and top vote buyer Nancy Pelosi claimed would “end the war in Iraq.” The claim is preposterous because, even if the Senate were to pass such a measure, there are insufficient votes to override a presidential veto. One can hear the cheering in the enemy camps, as they exhort their young suicide bombers to kill themselves, and just a few more infidels, for Allah, because the worldwide Islamic empire is drawing nearer.

While the Democratic “leadership” and certain of their media acolytes crow about the “historic day” when the measure was passed, the real historic note is how so many were willing to sell their votes for blatant self-interest. Perhaps, knowing the measure would never become law; these “public servants” figured they might as well grab all the pork they could get.

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