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Where are Axis deer?

We have them here in Texas and I've heard they have them in Florida as well. I'm sure they have them in other states but these are the only two that I know have them.
They're originally from India,they were exported to Texas years ago and it turns out they love our weather.
They escaped from high fence ranches over the years and they're now all over the Texas Hill Country.
They wont eat corn out of the feeders they only eat grass.
I used to shoot one a year just to fill the freezer and you can shoot em year round because they're not a native species.
We have a shitload of exotics in Texas that can be hunted year round.
I had one shoulder mounted thats the size of the one in the pic I posted.
When I hunted I had an old Jeep Wrangler. She would get me in close enough. I would drag the deer carcass to the Jeep. None of them were too big to drag.
The quad goes deeper into the woods. I hate dragging deer! Ever since I hunted with a guy who had two quads but wouldn’t let us use them because it will run the other deer away and people are still hunting.

One time I was hunting by myself. Had to drag the deer thru a swamp and over fallen trees. Hell. Finally I got it to where the quad could go. I put the deer on a plastic toboggan sled and wrapped the wench around the deers neck and went in reverse all the way to the buck pole. Tied the buck pole rope around the deers neck, backed up and the deer went up. Tied another rope to hang the deer. Used the sled to catch the gut pile. With the quad dragged the guts to the river and dumped them in. Done. All by myself.

Thank guad for the quad.

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