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UK lawmakers approve '3-parent babies' law

Donald Polish

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Nov 27, 2014
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Kansas City
Lawmakers on Tuesday voted in favor of a law that sets the stage for the United Kingdom to be the first country in the world to allow a pioneering in vitro fertilization technique using DNA from three people.
The technique could prevent mitochondrial diseases but also raises significant ethical issues.
The measure was passed in the House of Commons, 382 to 128, Speaker John Bercow said.
A further vote must be held in the UK's upper house, the House of Lords, before the measure can become law.
Passage of the law is opposed by Catholic and Anglican church leaders, in part because the process involves the destruction of an embryo.
UK lawmakers approve 3-parent babies law - CNN.com
Why is this law called "3-parent babies"? I didn't get the idea of this. Who means the 3d parent? it's another liberal LGBT propaganda. The 3d parent is more DNA material than a real father or mother. The idea however is great. Thus we will get rid of rubbish.

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