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U.S. urged to apologize for 1930s deportations


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Apr 20, 2009
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Reno, NV
U.S. urged to apologize for 1930s deportations
Updated 4/5/2006
Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY

American-born Ignacio Pina, 81, returned to the USA after 16 years in Mexico.

Pina, then 6, at right front row, and siblings lived in Montana before they were deported.

By Wendy Koch, USA TODAY
His father and oldest sister were farming sugar beets in the fields of Hamilton, Mont., and his mother was cooking tortillas when 6-year-old Ignacio Piña saw plainclothes authorities burst into his home.

U.S. urged to apologize for 1930s deportations - USATODAY.com

Have they filed suits yet?
Americans suffered during the depression also.
You were not welcome in Mexico? I guess you were not welcome here either.
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