Two Films: Both Are Fascinating And Brilliant


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Oct 6, 2008
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1.The eponymous “Miss. Sloane,” and “Molly Bloom,” are both played by the same actress, Jessica Chastain…a tour de force by an actress who can act: the two characters that she plays are as different in personality as can be. Comparing the two lives depicted brings to mind “Guy de Maupassant … who depicted human lives and destinies and social forces in disillusioned and often pessimistic terms.” (Wikipedia)

As with de Maupassant, in both cinematic representations of the lead characters we find all of the human traits and desires, and some of the twists the master of the short story provided.

2. While Molly Bloom is very much a flesh and blood brilliant individual, the film based on her own autobiography, Miss. Sloane is a fictional character brought to live by a brilliant first attempt at a screenplay by Johnathan Perera, who, one hopes, will not be a one-hit wonder.
“Jonathan Perera was honoured at the WGGB Awards for Miss Sloane, the first screenplay the former lawyer and teacher had ever written.” Google

3. Both subjects, Sloane and Bloom, are of the highest in terms of success in their chosen line of work, skilled and accomplished, but differ mightily in this characteristic: the former is willing and able to sacrifice anything and anyone in a need for victory, while the latter will sacrifice no one, even to keep herself out of prison

4. Venue of the former is politics, the latter, entrepreneurship of a most interesting sort, gambling, with what can be interpreted as associated with the underworld.

5. Miss Sloane is fascinating due to Perera’s creativity and imagination, but Molly Bloom because of her actual life experiences.

Highly recommend the combination, both films.

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