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TrumpUSA: 'Camp Dogberry'


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Sep 22, 2013
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This is a 'media-culture love-letter' inspired by the politics-metamorphosis film Dave.

How can we coordinate social commentary with youthful imagination in this modern age of 'armchair-sarcasm' (e.g., 'TrumpUSA')?


Politicial cartoons became so 'edgy' during the Presidency of Donald Trump that everyday citizens were pondering the true value of pedestrianism in the modern age of media. Was sarcasm a 'staple' of political discourse now? What would be the historical account of the Salem Witch Trials and McCarthyism (experiences that affected America's view of society free-speech)?


Three 'typical' American citizens (a movie star making films about cultural 'norms,' an Internet-blogger and Ivy League graduate writing about consumerism absurdism, and a movie star and TV actor making shows/films about 'pedestrianism wit') were in a 'social position' to express symbolic views about 'traffic IQ' (e.g., 9/11). The shock of 9/11 changed the way the modern world was conceptualizing 'national contracts,' and anti-Western sentiments in the new age of globalization politics (i.e., European Union, NATO, Wall Street).


As America was becoming a proverbial 'Platonic camp,' a strange 'phantom' was haunting the forest of the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. The 'Phantom' wore a hockey-mask and carried what seemed to be a machete and would lurk around the woods and terrorize campers/travellers looking to bond with Mother Nature. How could America become a 'pro-democracy camp' if the Phantom undermined securities regarding forest-safety? This was the new 'gossip-negotiation,' and it seemed like all the 'socialization drama' might even invoke the spirit of the adversarial AntiChrist (the Biblical 'apocalypse avatar' signifying a fear of complete terrorism). Hollywood was planning a re-make of the 1976 'rapture-confrontation' film The Omen (starring Leo DiCaprio).




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