Trumps 45 min speech on Wed


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Oct 1, 2016
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If the USSC intervenes into Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin then T wins
We already paid off the USSC.

Oops, cat's out of the bag.
No all you have is the videos of CJ Roberts fucking little kids - girls and boys, at Epstein's Island.
Of course, I keep forgetting how you guys love the child porn conspiracies. Totally doesn't say anything about you.
Well Hunter did film himself fucking his 14 year-old niece and Joe like to kiss his granddaughter on the lips while his wife Jill gets the cheek
Sure he did, I bet you have quite the collection of....this...what are you calling it? "Evidence"?
Are you THAT ignorant?

Step 1: You didn't know that Hunter filmed himself fucking his 14 year-old niece? Yes or No
Prove it, link or pictures. Qanon conspiracies do not do it for me. I hope you are not on zoom with those fantasies like the CNN Attorney.
I'd be careful what you ask for. One of them posted what could only be described as child porn yesterday in a different thread. It was photoshopped but depicted minors being molested.
Thanks for the warning.

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