Trump is going to lose in November.....

""Women voters will lead the way in blocking Trump’s bid for another term""

You do understand WOMEN are pretty evenly divided on this issue right? Not all women want to kill their children
Where's your mainstream media report confirming the shit you guys spread on the internet as fake news.

It is not fake news. You spread the lies and fake news. You are just projecting and doing a really shitty job of it. You have lost this argument.
Again, where's your media report from a legitimate source. Not something you saw on Truth Social or Facebook.

A legitimate news source doing a story on the diary.
The DOJ said it was Ashley's diary when they put the woman who sold it in jail. Is that a legitimate source?
But that diary doesn't have the passages you claim it has.

Did the DOJ reprint it?
It sure does. It has been posted all over the internet. Give it up. No one will stop you from voting for an incestuous pervert.
It sure does. It has been posted all over the internet. Give it up. No one will stop you from voting for an incestuous pervert.
SO where is the posting from a reliable news source. I would even take Fox News for these purposes.

Here are the rules.

Legitimate news source, not someone who repeats something he saw somewhere else.
WIth the exact quotes about showers.

Not a legitimate news source. The handwriting doesn't even match other purported Ashley diaries.
Fetal murder isn't going to be the savior for your failed Party.

Evangelicals worship Pussy Grabber Trump and thereby soil their religion only because they believe in their Jesus loving blessed lithe hearts that Donald J Trump was sent by the God of Abraham to put asunder the evil curse of “fetal murder” from the shining light upon the hill that is the Christian nation of America or at least intended to be.

If you check out the folliwing thread it will explain to you Saint Marathonmike why Evangelicals will abandon their Bible based support for Trump as they figure out that a vote for Trump is a vote for Putin who is wantonly killing Evangelical Christiana in his demonic quest to destroy the people of Ukraine.

US Evangelicals are learning Trump’s weakness on Ukraine will allow Putin to destroy the BIBLE BELT of Europe 240418 {post•1}. NotfooledbyW Apr’24 Vuealt:


Ukraine’s evangelicals need US support

Ukraine, having invited in missionaries since independence, is the “Bible Belt” of Eastern Europe. Russian authorities view and treat evangelicals very differently both in Ukraine. nfbw 240418 Vuealt00001

Russia’s disdain for Christianity is evident in its systematic assault on religious freedom and the brutal treatment of evangelical Christians both at home and abroad. To be an evangelical Christian in Russia is to be deemed an enemy of the state and society — a grim reality reflected in legislation passed by the Putin-controlled Duma and statistics of persecution inside Russia.​
Despite the false narrative propagated by some American media outlets portraying Putin as a defender of Christianity, reality paints a different picture. Russia’s hostility toward evangelical Christians is manifested through draconian laws, violent crackdowns, and desecration of places of worship. Russia operates as a totalitarian regime, imposing strict laws and repression upon Christians. Any deviation from Orthodox beliefs aligned with the Moscow Patriarchate brands you an enemy.​
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Not all women want to kill their children

Do you concern yourself with Ukrainian children who have been born?

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