trump can't get anyone to post his bond

So if Trump tells you the exact same lies this time around when asked to show his tax returns again are you going to be stupid enough to fall for the same lie twice?
That's called TWS.
If the intelligence agencies tell you there was Russian interference in 2016 and Trump was an asset for Russia are you going to be stupid enough to believe them? They have been caught again. There is a binder that incriminates the whole Obama administration for what amounts to treason.
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Who has told you that?
Dan Bongino?
Sean Hannity?
You are supposed to understand that these talking heads are there strictly for entertainment and that they make their living lying to you.
Beautiful straw man you built there. Stand back and admire it.
WEATHER53 look at this crap. An Alinsky ploy
That’s called shame based attempt at behavior control to achieve capitulation
A lot of these mental and emotional cripples were raised under the shaming method. It’s lazy, lousy parenting.
Thinkers know that, do not utilize that method, and we end up with thinking, productive and happy offsprings
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