Headline: Donald Trump Says He's Too Rich to Put Up $90 Million Bond

Nope, this isn't a parody thread. This is the real deal. Trump is claiming he is too rich here. I remember back in 2015, when he claimed he was so rich he would be funding his own campaign. We all know how that claim went south. Yet, Trump's own lawyers are arguing this would "make it impossible to secure and post a complete bond."

Trump has been arguing about an 'unconstitutional,' 'violation of his Eighth Amendment right against excessive fines." That sounds a bit redundant .. any violation of a right, is by itself unconstitutional. But I digress.

This is not some real estate deal, or Branding negotiation. This is about law and order. This is about no one citizen being above the law, and penalties fitting the circumstances, the particulars.


Hilarious, 100 million to stop the proceedings.
So, if I rob a bank of 100 k and get arrested, could I stop the trial if I gave them back say 25 k ? Sounds like bullshit the rich always try to pull. Now for poor folk who can’t come up with any money….you can all guess how they’re getting fked.

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