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Mar 28, 2006
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The World Most Powerful Countries. My list of the Top 10 in terms of power. 2006 Look at http://www.lonympics.co.uk/

1 The United States of America,

The world's biggest economy and army, the most powerful democracy, and the media centre of the world, plus in many ways the centre of world diplomacy and foreign relations.

2 Russian Federation

The second largest army, and a puppeteer of many Central Asian states. The largest European population, and largest world area, which gives it immense control over itself, and immense levels of independance.

3 Peoples Republic of China

The 4th or 2nd largest GNP depending on different measures (Either normal measures, or ones which cancel out misleading totals for currency values, in that later case China places second) a recent riser, above France and Britain, It also has established itself as having nukes. a huge army,

Plus massively the Largest population in the world, And like the above 2 is a UN Security council member.

4 France

UN security council membership, a nuclear power, and allot of influence over Africa. G7 economy, a leading democracy, and a quite large army.

5 Britain

UN security council status, nuclear weapons, G7 economy, a leading democratic state, and a media from music, to actors, that has allot of influence over the world as of it's popularity.

6 Japan

The second largest economy, and a big democracy, large population, but rammed in by China, and the USA, so below France, and Britain,

7 Republic of India

The most populous democracy, a growing economy, and nuke weapons, as the Second most populous country it has moral sway,

8 Federal Republic of Germany

The World's third economy, and a top 3 in terms of power EU member, but hampered in influence, as of World War two, and World War One, Which affected Germany's moral position in the world, and reduced German influence on many areas of the world,

9 Republic of Pakistan

Second largest Muslim country, largest in the area where most Muslim lands are, has nuclear weapons, and a quite united nationality,

Beats Indonesia, as that land is to far away from other Muslim lands, so carries less weight. but mabye could rise. if Pakistan fizzles a bit as of spending so much on it's millitary dictatorship. While Indonesia, grows as a more civil democratic land. Maybe Indonesia, is below, as it was a even more brutal dictatorship to it's people, in the late 1960s too 1990s. While Pakistan was to other nationalities, such as Bangladeshis. during the 1970sm but to West Pakistan people, was not as bad as Indonesia's brutal dictators, were to it's people in the 1960s, If Pakistan had not been so bad to Bengalis then it would still have them, and stand no chance of falling behind Indonesia, as it rises.

10 Republic of Brazil,

Largest Latin American country, Largest Portugueese speaking land, good relations globally, Look at http://www.lonympics.co.uk/

Biggest power in Africa, South Africa, via the support for the ANC, it's huge economy, and such. Look at http://www.lonympics.co.uk/

Biggest power in South Pacific, bar above mentioned, Australia. Well it is the biggest, and that includes Chile, and Peru

I came across this list in Google.I am still surprised how Pak even made it to the top 10 even though its the only Islamic nation with nukes. Have any objections about the Top 10 nations in the world? Feel free to post!

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