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To Keep Money in USA Spend It on Prostitutes & Beer: Marc Faber


Oct 16, 2011
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Mark Faber is an investment guru who once said the only way to keep money in the US is to spend money on prostitutes and beer. (Wikipedia). Please confirm.

Read this:

One client "dropped a stunning $170,000 for its steamy services," the New York Post reported.

Wall Street Prostitution Ring

17 people have been indicted "on charges of running a high-end prostitution ring that catered to Wall Street clients who often spent more than $10,000 in a night," according to Reuters, via Zerohedge.

The illegal ring, which is called High Class NY, earned its overseers more than $7 million over a three year period.

High Class operated 24 hours a day from Brooklyn, and catered strictly to "high-end customers coming from the financial markets," many of whom were hedge funders.

Services cost clients anywhere between $400 to $3,600 an hour, Reuters reported, and clients were reportedly even provided with cocaine.

17 People Were Just Busted For Running A Wall Street Prostitution Ring

Under President Barack Obama, the Justice Department has not filed a single new obscenity case anywhere in the country.

Senators ask Holder for more pornography prosecutions - Josh Gerstein - POLITICO.com

Farmers and fishermen earn small money for their crops so that world people get cheap food but many prostitutes earn $50,000 per night and many call girls, prostitutes, porn stars and porn actors earn $10,000 per session/ night.

World pornography is $200 Billion every year. Some porn stars and prostitutes have highly expensive cars. But 3 billion people walk 10 miles or 20 miles everyday.

3 Billion people survive on $2 every day. Excellent economics.

If Farmers and fishermen revolt then people will starve because they will not be able to buy unimaginable expensive food.

My friend said to me that billionaire businessmen reserve entire 5 star hotels for sex parties and they enjoy and people think they are having business meetings.

Where is the world society heading?

Why should farmers grow crops on 10,000 acres of land so that people pay for $50,000 per night to prostitutes and $200 billion for porn whereas farmers earn small money for their crops?

A farmer can feed his family by growing food on 30 acres of land and culitvating 30 acres does not need massive machines.

28 Black Men Gang Rape 11 year old Texas Girl

CLEVELAND, Texas - Police say the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl was captured on cell phone video, according to a search warrant affidavit obtained by several Houston media outlets. Eighteen juveniles and adults are accused of sexually assaulting the girl at an abandoned mobile home in Cleveland, Texas.

"I've heard as many as 28 or more. The case now has 16, 17 people who have been arrested," defense attorney James Evans III told CBS affiliate KHOU.

Police say the lurid video circulated at a small Texas middle school. The girl, who police have not named, told investigators she was raped at the home on Nov. 28.

Indictments in the case say there also were attacks on Sept. 15 and Oct. 25. Each time, at least two individuals were allegedly involved. The indictments say the girl was attacked by at least three people in November.

Both police and prosecutors have declined to discuss details of the case.

So far, well over a dozen suspects have been arrested in the case, some of whom are juveniles and students.

Investigators believe there could be even more suspects.

Source: Gang rape of 11-year-old Texas girl is on cell phone video, say police - Crimesider - CBS News

Get rid of porn in the USA when the presidents own mother, Stanley Ann Dunham did inter-racial porn herself when she was young?

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