The Worst Person In The World!


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Oct 6, 2008
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Now, I know, this post will be seen as schadenfreude- and perhaps there is some of that element- but it was simply laughable the Donny Deutsche was fired by MSNBC for stepping on the toes of the loveable Keith Olbermann...

"It’s day two for Donny Deutsch filling in for a suspended David Shuster during the hour-long 3pmET time slot, also known as MSNBC’s Angry in America experiment. Today he looked at how the media plays a part in angering Americans, airing clips of the usual suspects angering Americans including Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and…Keith Olbermann? "[see videos]
Donny Deutsch Lumps Olbermann In With “Crazys” Limbaugh And Beck | Mediaite

"Reports are coming in that Donny Deutsch got booted from his guest-hosting slot on MSNBC because he was less than kind to Keith Olbermann.
But TVNewser reports that he got booted after a segment yesterday in which he ran a clip of "angry" TV hosts—including Keith Olbermann. One of his guests then referred to Olbermann as one of "the biggest hate mongers on television."

Read more: Donny Deutsch Gets Himself Fired From MSNBC After Pissing Off Keith Olbermann

Olbermann claimed to have had nothing to do with the firing. I'm guessing that that means that he threw a fit...and put the 'hit' on.

And speaking of knowing what that mean, I guess that to Donny, Keith Olbermann is now THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD.

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