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The U.S. Shale Boom Is Officially Over


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Mar 9, 2011
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Farewell to the pre-pandemic energy dominance we were experiencing. It was nice while it lasted.

"The days of the U.S. shale boom may be over, with production rising at a much slower rate than it did before the 2020 crash and showing no signs of ramping up.

A combination of supply chain constraints, inflation, and the new shareholder-focused strategy of shale companies have transformed how the industry operates.

With shale production facing headwinds, OPEC has regained its position as the world’s swing producer.

The days of explosive growth in U.S. shale oil production are over. American oil production is rising, but at a much slower pace than it did before the 2020 crash, and at lower rates than expected a few months ago.

The new priorities of the shale patch – capital discipline and a focus on returns to shareholders and debt repayments – have coupled with supply chain constraints and cost inflation to drag down U.S. oil production growth.

The Biden Administration’s mixed signals to the American oil and gas industry, with frequent blaming of the sector for high gasoline prices and, most recently, a threat of more taxes, are not motivating U.S. producers, either. Many are reluctant to commit to spending more on drilling when there isn’t any medium-to-long-term vision of how the U.S. oil and gas resources could be used to boost America’s energy security and help Western allies who depend on imports."

The U.S. Shale Boom Is Officially Over | OilPrice.com
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Dec 1, 2013
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Temecula California
The shale boom is over only because of the Democratic party's life killing rules, regulations, and laws as well as the rhetoric.

One also must look at how the government is restricting financing

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