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The simpsons predictions


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Sep 19, 2016
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Lyon, France
In the Simpsons several events seem to be prédictions.

The coronavirus in The Simpsons



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Nov 10, 2019
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Most of those predictions were just having reading new production projects in those former years, like the movie the Cable Guy movie, which predicted different people playing video games between themselves from their houses , something that was also in project already.

The shows like artists coming from above and other similar are just ideas which have no importance in order to be called "predictions".

The 911 "prediction" in the Simpsons cartoons might suggest that the attack to the towers is an American self attack, which brings to light that it was organized to control people rather than defending them from foreign powers. The writers of the scripts must be investigated to check what they knew about the attacks years before they came to be a reality.

If it was a Government plan, then the other actions taken by the other different administrations corroborate the idea that the US government has lied to the people for long time.

Lets say. I remember going to the mall in DC for July 4th celebration. Up to the 80's we were free to bring our cooler with food and sodas. Same as well as towels or rugs to stay over there the whole afternoon before fireworks.

Huge Budweiser and Miller beer trucks selling big plastic cups of beer for three bucks. Big lines of people buying beer.

It was fun.

Lots of music, laughs, good will between the people.

It was a celebration.

A true celebration.

Sadly, the Bush administration decided going to war against Iraq in a conflict that was not one business of but between Iraq and Kuwait. By the way Kuwait is now a country that nobody mentions today by any means, who knows why, right? Kuwait has become the invisible country.

When that war started, then new homeless people invaded Washington DC, they were "white" and with clean hands, sleeping in the street. I remember because we used to bring hot chocolate and coffee to homeless in Winter time, but when we saw the "new homeless" around, we just decided not to get involved with them,. No more hot chocolate, no more coffee, we just started going those nights to the movies instead.

Besides of the new street espionage (street video cameras were in diapers) the celebration of July 4th suffered a great change. No more coolers, no more huge beer trucks selling beer, the whole "tradition" was killed, and more "control" from the government was implanted in place. Last year, going inside the fenced mall in DC was like going into a voluntary detention camp, with police looking at everybody as a potential suspect... this is already reaching the insane level.

It won't be a surprise that many guys were right at last with their conspiracy theories about 911.

Anyway, the predictions of the Simpsons were just knowing about things which weren't given to the general public.

Lets say, the Mormon book claims elephants lived in America. This mentioning was used by mormons to expand the idea that the stories of their book are true.

However, Joseph Smith was a very smart guy. A few decades before he wrote his book, he was aware of the discovery of elephant bones in a farm here in the US. The slaves, who were from Africa recognized those bones as belonging to elephants. The owner of the farm invited an expert from Europe and this expert made an interview to the slaves and also took of those bones to be placed at a museum.

These news weren't read by many, and after decades many people forgot about them.

Years later, using the information of the discovery of the bones, Joseph Smith wrote about the elephants in America in his book. This is what the writers of the Simpson cartoons made as well, just using existing information of future projects in technology, also using imagination, and finally more coincidence, but not necessarily a sure "prediction".

An about what soccer team would win in a worldwide cup, I can say the predictions made by an octopus were very accurate some years ago.


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