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The Remaining New Deal Programs and Legal Issues

Sep 30, 2011
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I bet you're wondering what are you trying to promote now, Centrist Fiasco? It's nothing new but I've been doing a lot of thinking for the past couple of hours on how I could better approach my ideas to the public into getting support for my petitions. I've realized something that I never realized before; the American People are awfully liberal and as a Conservative this has come to a shock to me. With this new revelation I've encountered I decided to scrap all my petitions and rewrite those that I really matter to the American People. After I rewrote the petitions that matter to the American People I reworked my writing to make it intellectually sound and detailed but not too detailed because I do not want to alienate those who are disengaged in political affairs. So, I'm deciding to post one of my petitions that I've reworked in this thread without you having to click a link, what you're about to read is why its important.


In the past thirty to forty years, there have always been debates whether or not our Federal Government ought to dismantle the remaining "New Deal" programs but in the past it was often never proposed on to what to replace it with due to partisanship. As a Concerned American Citizen, I'm proposing that it's time to dismantle the remaining programs because its affecting our economic stability and causing too much controversy to the extent, it needs to go. It just doesn't need to go but it needs to be replaced by another "New Deal" that promotes self-responsibility, independence and fiscal responsibility that we as Americans can afford economically and socially to build a stronger America in the 21st Century. This is something that both Democrats and Republicans in the Congress can do but they need to know that the People care about this.

Medicare and Medicaid is in no need of reform, it needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from the bottom to fulfill the needs and desires of the People in the 21st Century. Social Security is in no need of reform either due to the fact it's an outdated and overly expensive program that needs to be dismantled. We can replace social security with something more settle and costly that would reflect the times we're living in with our oldest generation increasing their livelihood and promote self-responsibility to those who are unfortunate by providing them proper necessities for a short period of time to give them the confidence to show their independence. Welfare is in desperately need of dismantling and replaced due to unjustified free riding and political manipulation having a Citizen overly dependent on its Central Authority without the opportunity to gaining their Independence.

We, the People want the right approach to this to build a new system that helps the unfortunate that uttlerly most reflects genuine and authentic American values. Other programs and agencies that exist under the "New Deal' need not to be permanently removed but instead reformed from the bottom up and pushing some regulatory measures to keep the agencies proper and necessary in the decision-making process. We the People of the United States ought not to be dependent on our Federal Government, this is against the very basic idea that America represents. Independence. We must all band together whether you're a liberal, conservative or in-between to change America, the Land of the Free, the Land of Opportunity to be Prosperous in the 21st Century. We cannot stand by and become like the rest of the world having our Federal Government make us live in a Socialistic Hell. For the sake of compromise, reason and faith we are in need for change that matters; it's time to bring the United States of America to greatness and prosperity.

Link to the Petition to Sign and Support: Economic Justice Petition: Dismantling the Remaining "New Deal" Programs for Prosperity | Change.org

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