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The reality of evil (my current blog)


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Feb 22, 2004
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You know, it scares me alittle to see how many people refuse to acknowledge the reality of evil. Its true that not every matter is a good and evil situation. Like what i eat for breakfeast really isnt likely to bring up some huge dilemna between good and evil. (although in some situations it might). I am just amazed that some people are willing to say there is no evil.

Its all this "moral relativity" bunk. People are quick to say there is no moral truth. There is no good or evil. Or we all decide on our own whats good and evil.

Does believing genocide isnt evil really make it so?
Does believing cannibalism is perfecting acceptible make it so?
Is torturing children acceptable?

If you believe morality is relative, it is.

The fact is civilization is fragil, and evil is real. Its not something we really want to think about. We would rather live our lives without really thinking about it. I know I would. But if you deny its real, you are living in a fantasy world. And you know maybe it wont matter in the long run. maybe nothing bad will happen.

People refused to acknowledge evil when Hitler rose to power. It wasnt until Europe was on the brink of falling that people saw him for what it really was. Communism killed even more than Hitler, over 20 million were killed in Southeast Asia by Communism when the United States pulled out. That isnt even counting numerous other communist genocides.

Millions are dying in Darfur as we speak, most still havent recognized that evil for what it is.

The fact is its very scary when people refuse to recognize evil, when they think everything is relative, because thats when they start embracing it.

I hope that doesn't sound depressing. Im not depressed. Because when you see evil for what it is you also see good for what it is and what it can become. And our future is going to be very very good.

The only problem is we have alot of turmoil to go through first. If we are going to survive it we need to embrace good. we need to live for it and encourage others to live for it. So ask yourself whether you want to be someone who acts for good in society and what you are doing to promote that good. And then live each day to be alittle better than the one before.

I think the first key to doing that is to seek after truth. live it. and the simple truth is relative morality is bogus. Evil is real. Until you see that, you are in danger of succumbing to it.

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