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The Liberty Song (My Version)

Sep 30, 2011
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Come Join Hand in Hand We're Americans, We Must Stand,
We Must Rouse Our Bold Hearts to Prevent our Fall,
Stopping the Madness That Will Holds Us aFar,

No Tyrannous Acts Shall Oppress our Claims,
Our Acts Are Justified under God's Name,
We Shall Not Let These People Dishonor Our Fame,
This Is Our Country We Own the Name,

In Freedom We're Born and in Freedom We'll Live,
Our Money is Ready We'll Never Give In,
We Earned It as a Free People We Never Cast a Sin,
We're Treat Our Own as Humans and We'll All Grow Within,

Our Tree Will Never Whither Our Liberty Will Never Either,
We Have a Strong Root; We Have a Strong Fruit,
Our Virtue is the Key Behold a Nation That Will Always Pursuit,
The Willingness of the People to Dream and Make It True,

We Have Worthy Forefathers Let's Give Them a Cheer,
To Climates Unknown They Courageously Steered,
Thro'' Oceans to Deserts for Freedom They Persevered,
Fighting for Freedom from the Treachous Civil,

This Land is Our Land; We Must Create Peace,
We're the Weak; We're the Meak; We've Been Chosen to Be,
We're the Chosen People and This Land is His Promise for We,
The Land is For You; This Land is For Me; Let's Treat It As Gold As It's Destined to Be,

Original Writing by John Dickerson: The Original Lyrics

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