The International Coronavirus Lockdown Claims Another Victim


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Jun 6, 2018
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"An anti-LGBTQ politician from Hungary resigned from the European Parliament (József Szàjer - Hungarian MEP) on Sunday after he was caught fleeing from what was described as a 25-man orgy in Brussels busted by police for breaching Belgium’s coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Belgian newspaper HLN and other media reported on Tuesday that police discovered about 25 men, most of whom were naked, attending a sex party above a café not far from the Grand Place in the Belgian capital’s historical center last Friday -- Sarah Durant, a spokeswoman for the Brussels region’s deputy public prosecutor, said a passerby had spotted a man “fleeing along the gutter” before police reached him. She said the man’s hands were bloodied and he was likely injured while trying to escape, according to The Guardian. Police found narcotics in the man’s backpack."

These damn lock downs, this damn government tyranny needs to end --- what does a closeted gay anti-LGBT politician have to do to enjoy his 25 guy gay sex orgies in peace?? And he isn't just some run of the mill politician, he founded the Hungarian right wing equivalent of the Tea Party; he practically got Viktor Orban elected; changed the constitution to outlaw gay marriage -- this guy is entitled to a private gay sex orgy every now and then...

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