1. Sayaras

    Islamic-Republic general [Zahedi] whose elimination triggered 350 rockets/drones attack on Israel - helped plan Oct. 7 atrocities

    The silence at most of MSM about this vital info: Iranian general whose assassination triggered weekend attack on Israel helped plan Oct. 7: report. By Jesse O’Neill Published April 14, 2024, 2:59 p.m. ET Mohammad Reza Zahedi Iranian Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Zahedi was killed in an Israeli...
  2. Sayaras

    Iranians call for Israel to attack IRGC leaders.

    I pray nothing happens to those brave Iranians in that oppressive ISLAMIC REPUBLIC. Iranians call for Israel to attack IRGC leaders. Graffiti in Tehran denounces the IRGC as a weak government without the interests of the people in mind, and calls for the international community and Israel to...
  3. Sayaras

    Saudis say Iran instigated Oct/7 Gaza war to sabotage Israel normalization

    My question is: What took the Saudis 6 months to acknowledge it finally? _______ Saudis say Iran instigated Gaza war to sabotage Israel normalization. “Iran is a nation that endorses terrorism, and the world should have curtailed it much earlier," a member of the royal family told Hebrew...
  4. Sayaras

    Oppressive Islamic Republic goes Pallywood

    The problem is, who will tell the truth to Millions of Iranians who don't have access outside opppressive regime media? * Iran claims success, TV shows month old Texas fire as aftermath. Iranians celebrate attack on Israel after missiles, drones launched; celebrations also seen in Beirut's...
  5. FDR_Reagan

    Iran desecrates sanctity of historic Esther / Mordecai tombs with bAlEsTiNiAn flag

    No shame and zero self respect. === Palestinian flag hung at Tomb of Mordecai and Esther in Iran. Flag found when Iran's chief rabbi arrived with members of the Jewish community to observe the Fast of Esther and pray at the traditional site Are...
  6. FDR_Reagan

    Lying Islamic Fascist Republic SOCKPUPPET -ing online and then some [Taqiyya]

    This Mullahcracy online Taqyia had been going on for years. But now, with its proxies unleashed... Iran surges cyber-enabled influence operations in support of Hamas. 02/07/2024 Reading time: 15 minutes Iran surges cyber-enabled influence operations in support of Hamas Introduction As the...
  7. Sayaras

    Like Gaza-death-ministry, other Iran linked Hezbollah thugs "resist" fakecupation targeting kids

    Reminder, Islamic-fascist Republic of Iran does NOT have any land disputed with the cool zionist regime. !!!! Watch rocket near-miss of bus carrying Golan Heights school kids. Ninth grader traveling on the bus says there was smoke and fire on both sides of the road, says she had never seen...
  8. Sayaras

    Iran's Supreme Leader: Islam Will Defeat the West

    Gee. And the squad type people rell us they just "resist" so called "occupation " Iran's Khamenei on Gaza: Islam will overcome 'crooked' Western civilization. By Jerusalem Post Staff. February 25, 2024 The Iranian regime is a well known state sponsor of terrorist organizations across the...
  9. Sayaras

    Document Shows Iranian Protester Raped Before Murder (palestine style)

    Rape Jihad the increasing wave. Jihad as a method in Islamic Jihad. Document Shows Iranian Protester Raped Before Murder. Wednesday, 02/21/2024 A recently unveiled document has revealed that 16-year-old Nika Shakarami was raped by state-backed security during the Women, Life, Freedom protests...
  10. FDR_Reagan

    Islamic Iranian tech underneath UNRWA headquarters

    How about the head-of-jihad-snake: Islamic fascist Republic funds them, since they are linked? UPDATE DESK Israel At War IDF finds Iranian tech underneath UNRWA headquarters. The equipment, which apparently originated in China, is being analyzed by the Israeli military and intelligence...
  11. FDR_Reagan

    Ialamofascist Iran's Hezbollah terrifying kindetahten kids

    These are the jihadi butchers targeting civilians who call themselves "freedom fighters." __ Kann news @kann_news: The barrage on the city of Safed: girls in a kindergarten were recorded lying on the floor during the alarm with their hands on their heads. (Orly Alkalai)...
  12. FDR_Reagan

    "Khamenei the Nazi," brave Iranians' sign

    Let's pray the Islamic Fascist Republic don't catch, torture or and murder them. Niyak Ghorbani (نیاک) @GhorbaniiNiyak: Installation of the Israeli flag in Iran - Tehran! The pain of the people of Israel and Iran is the same, that's also fighting terrorism! #IraniansStandWithIsrael...
  13. FDR_Reagan

    Islamofascism alert Sweden: Iranian IRGC pair deported over alleged plot to kill Jews

    Global domination and genocidal plans. Hand in hand. Iranian pair suspected of working for Guard Corps deported over alleged plot to kill Swedish Jews – report. By AFP - 6 Jan 2024. STOCKHOLM — Swedish radio reports that an Iranian couple, believed to be working for Iranian intelligence...
  14. Sayaras

    Dirty Fascist palestine official vows to "Purify" Land of Jews…

    What is racism??? "Pure Arab" sounds like Hitler's aide Ahmad Shukeiri. Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress, United States. Congress...
  15. FDR_Reagan

    The head of the snake scared? (Islamist donination)

    The only language the Islamic Fascist Republic understands... Iran's Proxies in the ME. IRGC pulls officers from Syria after Israeli-attributed strikes. The Corps will manage its Syria operations remotely, helped by Hezbollah. (February 1, 2024) Tehran has removed senior officers of the...
  16. Sayaras

    Islamic fascist Republic of Iran contaminating Chinese w/ antisemitism

    Connecing the dots. Iranian Islamic Republic poison infecting Chinese... a new hate front. Ever wondered why TikTok - algorithm is a new major player in modern 'Der Sturmer'... Iran joins Middle East propaganda war on China's TikTok Iran Joins Middle East Propaganda War on China's...
  17. Pastelli

    Bravery: Risking torture & execution, Iranians' banner: "We stand with Israel"

    Let's pray, the Islamofascist stormtroopers won't catch these heroes. Risking torture and execution, Iranians in Iran recently put up this banner in the middle of the night. Reads in Farsi and English, “We stand with Israel” GOOGLING... Palestinian use human shields ___________...
  18. FDR_Reagan

    Expansionist Islamic Republic atracks 3 countries within 24 hrs

    It's not just via its Hamas abmnd Houthis thugs... US Condemns Iranian Strikes On Pakistan, Iraq, Syia. NDTV Jan 17, 2024.
  19. FDR_Reagan

    Iraqi outrage at Mullahcracy-Iran after bombing Irbil

    So the Islamic Fascist Republic of Iran wants Iraqi territory too. It is also why it maintains militias thugs there Iraq recalls ambassador, summons Iran’s chargé d’affaires over strikes in Irbil. By Salar Salim And Omar Albam Updated 7:57 PM EST, January 16, 2024...
  20. FDR_Reagan

    Kirby, "it's not about Israel, yesterday the Houthis attacked a Panamanian ship"

    Well, of course it's an opportunity to expand Iranian ISLAMIC expansion power.. __ John Kirby on Face the Nation, 01.14.23 "it's not about Israel, yesterday the Houthis attacked a Panamanian ship.."
  21. FDR_Reagan

    Islamist terror: Iran utilizes Turkey as a support hub for Houthi thugs

    Any wonder TRT is jihadis mouthpiece like al jihadzeera? %$# Iran utilizes Turkey as a support hub for Yemeni proxy the Houthi rebels. January 11, 2024 A A Iran utilizes Turkey as a support hub for Yemeni proxy the Houthi rebels Abdullah Bozkurt/Stockholm The US Treasury’s decision to...
  22. Sayaras

    Islamic Fascist Republic tortutes student, Ali Khamenei's advisor, claims he's a "spy," murders him

    It looks like Iran is desperare to show as if they "caught" someone. ___ Iran executes 'Khamenei adviser' for spying for Israel, report says. Mohsen Saravani, 24, implicated by Tehran in gathering classified information via government agents and relaying it to a Mossad agent; suspect told court...
  23. Sayaras

    Islamic Fascist Republic global domination

    Iran: Islamic  Fascist empire includes: Hamas. Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Houthis. Bases in Syria. Militias in Iraq. ...The Israeli ceasefire with Hezbollah (Iran's proxy army) is a huge victory for Iran. If an Islamic fascist force can fire hundreds of missiles ... Casali, D...
  24. Sayaras

    Intl. VS Islamic Fascist Republic's Houthis

    Any doubts abput Iran's global domination? US officially announces task force to deal with Houthi attacks. The United Kingdom, Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles and Spain will join the US in the new mission.
  25. Sayaras

    Islamic Republic mullah porn methods

    So much for the "religious" republic. - Iran-based women send IDF soldiers explicit photos in attempted honey trap. Jerusalem Post Staff December 17, 2023: Iran used a group of Hebrew-speaking women in the northern city of Mashad to send sexually explicit images to Israeli soldiers in attempts...
  26. Sayaras

    INSANITY: Biden Admin Mulls Giving Iran Access to Another $10 BillionThe Daily Fetched

    INSANITY: Biden Admin Mulls Giving Iran Access to Another $10 Billion The Daily Fetched | 14 November 2023 | Jason Walsh The Biden administration faced backlash last month for giving Iran access to their frozen funds, ...
  27. Pastelli

    Genocidal Islamic Fascist Republic of Iran threats against Israel since at least 1991 - still today (Bosses of Hamas/PIJ/Hezbollah)

    Threatening to nuke and/or wipe off Israel of the map has been made by Islamic Fascist Republic of Iran (or/and its reps.), including in 1991, 1 2 in 2001,3 2002,4 2005,5 May 2012, 6, 8 Sep 2012,9 2014,10 2019,11 2020.12 Promoting genocide online at the May-2021 'Guardian of Walls,' including...
  28. Sayaras

    Wasn't Mr. Peanuts the worst president in US history

    No reason to exonerate him from being negligently at the fascist Ayatollahs rise. Since 1979: The long bloody trail of crimes of the mullahs: In their totalitarian regime, massacres, mass torture (not just 1988) for so many years. And then the bloodshed in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Israel-Palestine...
  29. Pastelli

    'Plots to harm dissidents and former U.S. government officials' by Global domination seekers: Islamic Fascist Republic of Iran

    Just aired: Iran plots to harm dissidents and former U.S. government officials | 60 Minutes CBS News Iranian dissidents say they face intimidation, abductions, assassination attempts around the world ___ Comment, it's strange that Putin doesn't realize the Islamic domination aim of the...
  30. Pastelli

    Islamic Fascist Republic of Iran's Hezbollah wounds six civilians

    Hezbollah anti-tank missiles from Lebanon wound six Israelis The IDF targeted the source of the attack with artillery. (November 12, 2023 / JNS) Six Israeli civilians were injured on Sunday afternoon, one critically, when Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists launched anti-tank missiles towards Moshav...

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