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  1. The Original Tree

    War Looming in Israel and Biden Regime is to Blame.

    No administration has coddled Iran and lied to The American people about it more than Obama but The Biden Regime is on a fast track to surpass Obama’s treachery. Enabling a Terrorist State to obtain Nuclear weapons, practically paying for it and helping Iran to buy Russian Nuclear Scientists to...
  2. The Original Tree

    Joe Biden is a threat to National Security, Our Economy and Our Democracy.

    If you are not paying attention, the man who Obama has said has been wrong on every single position he has taken for his entire career continues to be wrong again and again and again. 1.) The Petro Dollar: Joe's botched relationship with Saudia Arabia is primarily due to his botched management...
  3. Litwin

    Moscow Propaganda TV channel "Zvezda" showed the mercenaries that Putin wants to send to Ukraine . Will putin bring Iranian militias in Ukraine?

    Moscow Propaganda TV channel "Zvezda" showed the mercenaries that Putin wants to send to Ukraine . Will putin bring Iranian militias in Ukraine ?
  4. The Original Tree

    Why Biden and his Administration are too Stupid to see what Putin is doing

    People on the Left are exactly what The Soviet Union described as useful idiots. One prime example is their colossal failure in Afghanistan, their idiotic approach to dealing with Russian Ally and The Biggest State Sponsor of Terror, Iran, their bumbling idiotic approach to Crimea which was a...
  5. The Original Tree

    There will be NO END to Democrat Misery

    When you come by things dishonestly; when lying and cheating are your only virtues; when you persistently practice these so called virtues to the detriment of your own country & for your own selfish gain; one has to believe that what we are seeing in The Biden Regime's ineptness, incompetence...
  6. The Original Tree

    How long before China invades Taiwan and Russia invades Israel?

    Our enemies are emboldened, and even encouraged by the Bumbling Biden Regime who seemingly walks a thin line between cowardice and stupidity. Hard to tell which day they are doing what. But every day The Biden Regime is in power has our enemies licking their chops at the prospects of achieving...
  7. Litwin

    Will Putin attack Israel ? Moscow and Iran sign cooperation agreement days after Natanz attack

    Will Putin attack Israel in case Israeli attack on the Natanz nuclear plant ? "Moscow and Iran sign cooperation agreement days after Natanz attack Moscow and Iran's foreign ministers have met in Tehran to sign a cooperation agreement, days after an attack on Iran’s main nuclear facility. Both...
  8. TDontTouchMyCigars

    Natanz on fire [ Again ]

    Natanz, one of the main Nuclear facilities at the heart of Iran - was caught on fire again, after several blasts. Westren media is pointing the blame at Israel - claiming Israeli sources confirmed The accident is happening at a very not convinient time for Iran and the west. If it is indeed...
  9. F

    Iranian Guy Tries Asian Candy and Snacks !!!! Top 5 rated Worst To Best !!!!

    For a while now I had been wanting to do a proper all Asian snacks and candy video and try a bunch of new flavours and new snacks. So I finally decided to go ahead and do it. I chose POCKY CRUNCHY STRAWBERRY , CHITATO FRIED NOODLES FLAVOUR POTATO CHIPS , LOTTE PEPERO ALMOND & CHOCOLATE , MEIJI...
  10. Obiwan

    Iran hits own ship with missile, kills 19

    Apparently, the fruitloops declared war on themselves...
  11. F

    Iranian trying Canadian Snacks vs American Snacks Taste Test

  12. Litwin

    Russian- Iranian continue onslaught War crimes has displaced 900,000 "Syrians"

    West has to stop Iran/putler "Russian- Iranian continue onslaught War crimes has displaced 900,000 "Syrians " Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has pledged to continue an onslaught on the country's last major rebel stronghold, saying the war was not yet over but a "complete victory" was in...
  13. Litwin

    "Syria" war: Government shellfire kills Turkish soldiers in Idlib

    if war breaks out, Muscovite empire/Alawites/Iranian shia militia have 0 CHANCE . the military Power balance is clearly on the Turkish side. Erdogan can invite the right sector and tatars to fight Muscovite hordes. "A Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24M attack...
  14. JGalt

    Bernie supported the 1979 Iranian hostage taking???

    Seriously? And that piece of human excrement want to be the President of the United States of America? Anyone who supports that idiot needs to have their head examined by a stone cutter. "Go back over 40 years, to the start of Iran’s long conflict with the United States. On April 1, 1979, the...
  15. The Original Tree

    During Impeachment POTUS Trump takes out another Major Terrorist!

    Obama Disgusted me with his Coddling, even financing and arming of terrorists which showed who he really was. By Contrast, President Trump has become a terrorist killing machine. While Obama built ISIS, Funded Terrorists in Iran, Paid Al Queda to assassinate the heads of state in Egypt and...
  16. RodISHI

    Set the captives free

    A must see video if you are wondering about Iran. A heart for the people who desire to be free. Persian-Phoenix on Twitter
  17. MAGAman

    Does anybody believe Soleimani was not a terrorist and a threat to kill Americans?

    Next thing you know Democrats will want to rename "Martin Luther King Day" to "Solemani Day". I've never seen so many dishonest people find so many reasons to object to killing a terrorist mastermind. This one was plotting to kill more Americans, and has the blood of almost 700 Americans on his...
  18. toobfreak

    Lt. Gov. Habib Insulted We Are Giving Iranians Extra Scrutiny?

    If a mass murderer had escaped in a pink car and you were stopped at a check point because you too were driving a pink car, wouldn't you be happy to cooperate with authorities glad that they were working to keep people safe? NOT SO the Lt. Governor of Washington State, Cyrus Habib, who just...
  19. The Original Tree

    Iranian-Russian Missile Shipment to Syria Destroyed

    More on latest shipment of Iranian Missiles Shipment to Syria being destroyed by Israel. Iran after lying about launching Obama Bombs paid for with Obama Bucks, purchased from Russia at a Ukraine Airliner, just got caught exporting MORE Russian-Iranian Missiles in to Syria. 8 said killed in...
  20. The Original Tree

    Imminent Threat Defined: The Left Is Insane

    I giving this post a subtitle of : Imminent Thread I recently had a run in with a very slippery and cowardly poster on this very forum who refused to define for me what an Imminent Threat was when he specifically had the words "Imminent Threat" in the title of his thread. He reported me...
  21. The Original Tree

    Pelosi vows to join The Jihad to Defend Iran.

    Iran is a peace loving country, and is not an Existential Threat to America like President Trump is, she said. Trump is an Imminent Threat to our Republic, and a Danger to our Constitution. Islam "the religion of peace" is not a threat to our National Security, but The President is. So today...
  22. HaShev

    HOW can Atheists say there is no God after...

    1) THE Source and power of life not just removed a cancerous destructive force, but also it set forth a stampede during it's funeral procession for that Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, a thrust that killed 35 people and injuring 48 others who supported that violent anti stability destructive...
  23. EvilEyeFleegle

    'We're going to war, bro': Fort Bragg's 82nd Airborne deploys to the Middle East

    And so it begins..again....the idiocy of putting troops on the ground..when the only thing we land in that region should be bombs and missiles: 'We're going to war, bro': Fort Bragg's 82nd Airborne deploys to the Middle East "For many of the soldiers, it would be their first mission. They...
  24. JGalt

    Iran, Declaration of War, and Congress

    I don't believe they have yet, but what scenario would play out should Iran declare a "state of war" against the US? According to the War Powers Act, Congress alone has the ability to declare war. Although, the War Powers Act was ignored by President Obama on two separate occasions, once in...
  25. protectionist

    US Must Attack Iran NOW - Full Force

    Iran has openly declared war on the US. In official government broadcasting, it has offered a bounty of $80 Million to whoever would kill President Trump. Sect of State Pompeo has said if Iran attacks any US targets, the US will respond with force .That is not strong enough. We are past that...
  26. The Original Tree

    The Democrat Party Is Colluding with Iran

    Democrats are in constant communication with Iranian Leadership, apologizing for Trump’s Reversal of The Surrender Monkey’s So Called Treaty. John Kerry is the lead on this and has promised Iran that they are working diligently to Impeach & Remove President Trump from office and the second they...
  27. Obiwan

    Iran names new Quds commander

    Apparently, Iran didn't waste any time replacing Soleimani... Iran names Quds Force number 2, Esmail Ghaani, to replace slain Soleimani
  28. The Original Tree

    Iran, Russia, Turkey & The Battle of Gog & Magog

    A prophecy nearly 2,500 years old is coming to light due to the fact that Iran, Russia and Turkey have never been allied in all this time until recently. In Ezekiel 38 & 39, Isaiah 17, and Revelation 20, God reserves a special judgment for these countries and their allies as they decide to come...
  29. The Original Tree

    Obama Bombs Raining Down on Israel

    Obama Bin Spying, The Muslim Manchurian Candidate was the Best Friend that Every Jihadi could Pray to the Goat god, allah for. I could go over his history of aiding and abetting America's Enemies, such as his, interfering in Israel's elections, his purchasing Russian Propaganda from Putin, his...
  30. deanrd

    China funding 26 giant projects in Iran with US money.

    China funding 26 giant projects in Iran with US money. China turns to Iran for LPG, ignoring sanctions Why Trump’s threat to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal is a concern for China Iran has become a major part of the expansive infrastructure investment plan. One key project is a US$2.56...

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