1. Sayaras

    Report: "Like sadistic Nazis: Secret Hamas papers reveal step-by-step action plan for Oct. 7" (genocidal fascists)

    This is a vast researched report by German and Israeli experts after uncovered documents. Like sadistic Nazis: Secret Hamas papers reveal step-by-step action plan for Oct. 7 Uncovered documents and eyewitness accounts obtained by Israel Hayom and Bild reveal the chilling extent of Hamas'...
  2. Pastelli

    Trump urges to watch genocidal "palestine" oct 7 atrocities film

    This is exactly what the bigots try to make us all forget Israel's survival onstinct - as that sane Gaza regime keeps happily sacrificing civilians ### 'Difficult to watch': Donald Trump urges people to watch October 7 film By Jerusalem Post Staff. Published: June 25, 2024. Trump wrote that...
  3. Pastelli

    Gazans slam Hamas[-ISIS] leaders in Qatar, ‘sleeping comfortably, eating and drinking’

    Think these Gazan critic will survive jihadofascist regime hunting them down? !!!!!!! 'What is Hamas waiting for?’: Palestinians in Gaza beg terror group to take truce deal. In rare criticism, Gazans slam Hamas leaders in Qatar, ‘sleeping comfortably, eating and drinking’, say terror group...
  4. Sayaras

    'The diamonds are in our hands': Gaza hostage rescue mission from the savages "palestine" regime - minute-by-minute

    Daring operation in broad daylight. So it was the usual too.. see how Gaza regime brought about more casualties of its people... _____ 'The diamonds are in our hands': Gaza hostage rescue mission minute-by-minute. Forces moved stealthily in daylight to buildings holding Noa Argamani...
  5. Sayaras

    Hamas racist "palestine" calls to massacre non-zionist pious Jews who refuse to serve in IDF [genocide]

    Just as in cartoons, the Arab "palestinians" choose images of haredi pious Jews who refuse to serve in Israeli army. The Mossad: Satirical, Yet Awesome @TheMossadIL: A photo published by Hamas calling for revenge for Rafah. They're hunting Jews and they're not shy about expressing it. The...
  6. Sayaras

    Racist Islamist dictator Erdogan - diminishes Hitler

    This oppresor of all minorities talks a lot about racism.. hypocrisy. Turkey’s Erdoğan: Netanyahu would ‘make Hitler jealous.’ Turkey was in "constant contact" with and supports Hamas, which is not a terrorist group, said the Turkish leader. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh (left) and Turkey's...
  7. Sayaras

    Swastikas inside the giant tunnel uncovered by the IDF in Gaza (swastika palestine)

    These guys want another Arab separate state... Swastikas inside the giant tunnel uncovered by the IDF in Gaza. (Journalist) Yoni Ben Menachem @yonibmen
  8. Sayaras

    Swastika-palestine Mob led by SJP's Muslim Brotherhood in (court doc.) plan to Islamize America (Not about the "Palestinians")

    * "Protest" and support for Hamas on October 7. * The Islamic "terrorists in suits" who ignite the hatred - financed by terrorist elements. * SJP's Muslim Brotherhood 100 year vision to Islamize America. * The propaganda machine of Hamas and Iran has been working for years. * They don't...
  9. FDR_Reagan

    Is she an "(i)lslamophobe"? / expressing wide believe?

    Excerpt: Chris Froome's wife Michelle labels Muslims 'a drain on society' and insists 'there are no innocent Gazans' in a shocking social media tirade. The posts came after "activist" called for protests against Israel-Premier Tech..... The wife and agent of four-time Tour de France winner...
  10. Sayaras

    Hamas, Gaza "palestine" regime wants a World Islamic State

    Tell it to BLM radicals who think it's about "liberation"... __ G. ROMAN: We asked many times, why did they want? Yarden says they repeatedly say, just one cause. Jihad. A world of jihad. And Muslim empire. ROMAN-GAT: Their aim is to get the world to be Islamic. The whole world. GOLODRYGA...
  11. Sayaras

    Pro "palestinian" Muslim Brotherhood instigate in Jordan

    Will this be like 1970 Black September? Hussain Abdul-Hussain @hahussain: #Jordan now saying Hamas is instigating Jordanian tribes against government. Palestinian Authority last month accused Hamas of dragging Palestinians, without consulting them, to worst disaster since 1948. Gulf/World...
  12. FDR_Reagan

    PallyWeid and Hamas OFFICIAL document

    Comment. So it's not just the made up numbers of 30k but victims of their own crimes ae pinned on the zionist state +++ Hamas document reveals it hides casualties, blames failed rocket launches on Israel - IDF. An official Hamas document recovered by IDF soldiers proves that many Gazan...
  13. Sayaras

    Shift in Oct-7-war op. No more hand tied for terrible "palestinian" human shields use

    Note. It is why it took so long until now... × × × ...the paradigm for IDF action in Gaza has shifted, and it is now ready to act anywhere and anytime, regardless of the human shields Hamas hides behind. https://www.jpost.com/israel-hamas-war/article-793118
  14. FDR_Reagan

    Professor: Hamas fakes casualty figures: ‘The numbers are not real’ [Gaza DEATH Ministry].

    The weirdest thing is that no one at MSM bothers to stress where the "figures" done from but just parrots it. There is no secret as to WHY Pallywood should ever lie ___ This is now (Mar 2024): Hamas fakes casualty figures: ‘The numbers are not real’. Abraham Wyner, a professor of statistics...
  15. FDR_Reagan

    Islamist Iran: Global domination: Latin Ametica plots too

    If you thought it's just: * Palestinian Islamic Jihad * Hamas * Hezbollah * Houthis * Bases in Syria * Militias in Iraq.. Think again: Maduro says Venezuela buying Iranian missiles 'a good idea'. Reuters August 22, 2020. https://www.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN25J01T/ US threatens to...
  16. FDR_Reagan

    Coordinating w Israel: 'Biden to announce U.S. port in Gaza for aid'

    The question is who will control the Gaza death ministry from looting it for its "military" bloody division? Biden to announce U.S. port in Gaza for aid President to make announcement during State of the Union address later on Thursday; temporary port would increase delivery of humanitarian aid...
  17. Sayaras

    Revealed: Hamas's Sinwar: pedophile, held Mein Kampf - inspired him; taught competition 'who kills more Jews'

    Comment: This piece of sh#t was at the Hamas charter with sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Why his profile is vital to understand what Islamofascistic Hamas is at its core. _ Already about 30 years ago: this is how Sinwar planned the invasion and the massacre. The untold story of Sinwar: the competition...
  18. FDR_Reagan

    Lying Islamic Fascist Republic SOCKPUPPET -ing online and then some [Taqiyya]

    This Mullahcracy online Taqyia had been going on for years. But now, with its proxies unleashed... Iran surges cyber-enabled influence operations in support of Hamas. 02/07/2024 Reading time: 15 minutes Iran surges cyber-enabled influence operations in support of Hamas Introduction As the...
  19. Sayaras

    "Palestinian" Sexual crimes rape-jihad / refusal to release hostages - the LINK (Gaza Death Ministry)

    It starts to make sense.. Gaza Death Ministry That sexual crimes and fear of being looked bad wins over saving their starving people. PBS NewsHour live episode, March 4, 2024. Bennett: Separately the UN released today a report about sexual violence on October 7th. What did it say...
  20. FDR_Reagan

    Terror cell planning ISIS-style attacks caught with 100 explosive devices [pAlEsTInIaNs]

    Comment; So you know why Hamas is termed also Hamas is ISIS Or HAMAS-ISIS. But so are other Jihad groups among pAlEsTInsiAnS . This case is in West Bank which is under PA. __ Terror cell planning ISIS-style attacks caught with 100 explosive devices, Shin Bet says Four-member West Bank cell...
  21. Sayaras

    Hamas uses civilians as human shields, Gazan journalist states

    Ya think they will let the journalist live? Just asking... Hamas uses civilians as human shields, Gazan journalist states. By Jerusalem Post Staff Published: February 15, 2024. Saftawi says it's the first time in a decade that he's been able to speak on this publicly. Gaza-based journalist...
  22. Sayaras

    Iran's Supreme Leader: Islam Will Defeat the West

    Gee. And the squad type people rell us they just "resist" so called "occupation " Iran's Khamenei on Gaza: Islam will overcome 'crooked' Western civilization. By Jerusalem Post Staff. February 25, 2024 The Iranian regime is a well known state sponsor of terrorist organizations across the...
  23. FDR_Reagan

    Jihadifascists 'can run but you can't hide' in HOSPITAL

    While the MSM phrases it as an "attack on a hospital".. 20 Oct. 7 terrorists arrested at Nasser Hospital. Dozens of terrorists arrested, mortar shells grenades and other weapons found during operation at Khan Yunis hospital used by Hamas for terrorist activity. Israel National News, Feb 16...
  24. Sayaras

    "She just didn't stop crying, and he didn't stop doing what he was doing to her. And he enjoyed it" [Free Palestine savagery]

    An example of "freedom fighting" Gaza-Health-ministry kidnappers.. Indecent act on thev17-yeae-old girl at gunpoint in the shower... ____ https://www.ynetnews.com/article/rydfjfkjt https://m.jpost.com/israel-hamas-war/article-786781 New testimony from Hamas hostages: "The terrorist...
  25. Sayaras

    Arab nazism rise in Sweden

    There are thousands of "palestinian" Arabs and other Arab immigrants in Malmo. Following is result of pro hamas riots. David Lega @DavidLega: Shocked and angered to see 'Mein Kampf' publicly displayed in Arabic at Malmö's library. With antisemitism escalating, post the Oct 7 attacks in...
  26. FDR_Reagan

    For each jihadi-fascist pAlEStInE butcher, 1 civilian [human shield] dies

    This ratio is pretty amazing. 'This Week' Transcript 2-11-24: PM Netanyahu, Sen. Coons & Gov. Kemp This is a rush transcript of "This Week" airing Sunday, February 11. By ABC News, February 10, 2024. [...] KARL: That was President Biden on Thursday night with his sharpest criticism yet of...
  27. FDR_Reagan

    Angry Gazan on high priced aid: "We will reckon with you Hamas, after the war"

    How much does a kilo of sugar cost? This is how the trade of humanitarian aid in Gaza looks like. A resident of Gaza revealed how much the products that come to Gaza with humanitarian aid cost and told Hamas: "We will reckon with you after the war." A kilo of sugar - NIS 40. 3 liters of oil -...
  28. Sayaras

    Directly beneath UNRWA’s headquarters: huge terror infrastructure by genocidal racist-Arab Jihadi-fascist Hamas

    Really think UN heads didn't know? How can they lie? Such a massive infrastructure by the terror Hamas "gaza-health-ministry" butchers. ___ Directly beneath UNRWA’s Gaza headquarters, IDF uncovers top secret Hamas data center. Subterranean facility for terror group’s intelligence needs...
  29. Sayaras

    20,000 Hamas fascist butchers are dead or injured

    20k more to go??? ___ https://www.timesofisrael.com/pm-absolute-victory-within-reach-surrender-to-hamas-demands-would-bring-disaster/
  30. Sayaras

    France pays homage to victims of Hamas’ Oct. 7 atrocities "Biggest Anti-Semitic Massacre Of Our Century"

    Maybe US should do, too. ___ "Biggest Anti-Semitic Massacre Of Our Century": Macron On Hamas' October 7 Attack French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday described the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel as the "biggest anti-Semitic massacre of our century" as he hosted a ceremony paying...
  31. Sayaras

    Hear that ICJ? Family of the leader of Hamas-butchers receives life-saving treatment in a hospital in humane cool Israel!

    This is not a first. Many relatives of Arab racist-terrorists injured themselves or/and their relatives are treated by humane Zionists. For decades. First publication: Haniyeh's relatives are hospitalized in Soroka Hospital. At the height of the war, the relatives of the Hamas leader receive...
  32. Sayaras

    Genocidal "palestine" Oct 7 rapists/butchers 'purposeful obliterated women's faces'

    The question is which of the "gaza health ministry" Hamas / Palestinian Islamic Jihad head ordered this specific order? Or Mullahs in Iranian Islamic Fascist Republic? ____ Hamas terrorists 'purposeful obliterated women's faces'. Reader discretion is advised: Shari Mendes, one of the...
  33. Sayaras

    Nazi Arab students in Haifa: "Hitler did not get to you - so we will burn you now"

    If you thought Hitlerism Nazism at Arab palestine is dininishing??? In a Zoom discussion, the rector - explaining why he suspended some Arab students in Haifa University, following expressions of supporting Hamas' Oct 7 atrocities: "Hitler did not get to it - so we will burn you now." Most of...
  34. Sayaras

    Finaly UNRWA pays for its members linked to "Palestinian" Oct 7 Crimes Against Humanity

    Some tiny bit of justice... Only under pressure to take action against UNRWA members involved in the Hamas "Palestinian" crimes against humanity on Oct 7 attacks on Israeli civilians, it fired about a dozen. Major Western countries suspended funding for the org. Such as: the US, UK, Italy...
  35. Sayaras

    Oct 7 restaurant name to celebrate atrocities - Sick "palestinians" in Jordan

    Most Jordanian Arabs are "palestinian" Arabs. For example: in a 2007 report, written in cooperation with several Jordanian government bodies, the London-based Oxford Business Group stated that at least two thirds of Jordan's population were of Palestinian origin... ___ New shawarma spot just...
  36. Sayaras

    Gaza Health Ministry: our Oct 7 atrocities - per Islamic Values

    Rape Jihad Or beheadings HAMAS or ISIS Islamofascism. There’s your problem right there. “Hamas Defies Critics: Says Its Terrorists Upheld ‘Islamic Values’ During Murderous Attack on Israel,” by Simon Kent, Breitbart, January 22, 2024: The Hamas terrorist organization released a report...
  37. Sayaras

    Gaza children protest against Genocidal Hamas (Gaza-health-ministry - Human shields industry)

    If any of the children "disappear"...you'll know why. __ Gaza children protest against Hamas A day earlier, Gazans demonstrated in Rafah, cursing terrorist strongman Yahye Sinwar. Several dozen Palestinians demonstrate in Deir al-Balah, the central Gaza, calling on Hamas to free all Israeli...
  38. Sayaras

    "Moderate" Arab Qatar: 'An attack on Hamas is an attack on Qatar. An attack on the Muslim Brotherhood is an attack on Qatar.'

    If these are their moderates... Islamism is bigotry. ___ Exclusive: Alleged Qatar spy operation said to have targeted GOP lawmakers opposed to Muslim Brotherhood. 'An attack on Hamas is an attack on Qatar. An attack on the Muslim Brotherhood is an attack on Qatar,' document states.' By...
  39. Sayaras

    Hamas admission to Oct 7 massacres VS racist Electronic-Intifada (& his linked conspiracy theorist liar Grayzone)

    This is from today. Straight from the devil (Gaza-health-ministry) mouth. But no worries. Theories will go on.. Hamas 1st big admission Oct 7 [on] Israel attack. 01.22.24. They had 107 days to prepare a propaganda leaflet of 16 pages .. LOL
  40. FDR_Reagan

    pAlEsTiNiAn "Gaza-health-ministry" calling for Islamic 'world domination' - Israel is only the first target

    Clip is from Dec 2022. It was always 'the plan.' ____ WATCH: Israel is only the first target, warns Hamas commander. By Danielle Greyman-Kennard, Oct 9, 2023 — Mahmoud al-Zahar: "The entire planet will be under our law, there will be no more Jews or Christian traitors." Footage of...

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