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  1. The Original Tree

    Some Details of The Trump Middle East Peace Plan Leaked

    Obviously with any reported leaks, this would have to be vetted and latter proven to be true, but here is an article posted today, that I searched for, after doing my usual YouTube browsing and came across a live feed stating this specific thing. I followed up on it, and it is reported in The...
  2. The Original Tree

    Obama Bombs Raining Down on Israel

    Obama Bin Spying, The Muslim Manchurian Candidate was the Best Friend that Every Jihadi could Pray to the Goat god, allah for. I could go over his history of aiding and abetting America's Enemies, such as his, interfering in Israel's elections, his purchasing Russian Propaganda from Putin, his...
  3. Ecocertifmrl

    Hamas or Palestinians or Hamas?

    I just wanted to say to everyone that Hamas as a terrorist organisation and/or as a political party and their wishes and goals are not automatically connected or in line with the Palestinian people and their wishes and goals. There are Palestinians who do not belong to Hamas but share their...
  4. Steve_McGarrett

    Figures: Organizer for D.C. Woman's March Linda Sarsour Is Pro Sharia Law With Ties To Hamas

    Hopefully she will be on Trump's deportation list. Her interests are not America First. The woman is a hypocrite and the liberal women are protesting what she's advocating. Liberalism truly is a mental disease...
  5. American_Jihad

    Keith Ellison’s Hamas Ties

    Keith Ellison’s Hamas Ties He disavows Louis Farrakhan, but is speaking next week for the Hamas-linked Muslim American Society. December 22, 2016 Robert Spencer Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) has called his previous defense of Louis Farrakhan “the mistake in my past,” but those who are ready to...
  6. American_Jihad

    The insanity of Jewish philanthropy funding hamas

    There are some people that need to be beheaded... The Insanity of Jewish Philanthropy Funding Hamas Only the insane think that Jews should help Hamas kill Jews. February 9, 2016 Daniel Greenfield Jane Kahn and Michael Bien, two activists with the anti-Israel New Israel Fund, had a...
  7. L

    Lebanese Hollywood actor Clooney is Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal

    Jan 21, 2016 - Nespresso sues Israeli coffee company over Clooney lookalike - what this illuminati joke is about Nespresso sues Israeli coffee company over Clooney lookalike Reminder from Last Prophet's words from 2012: Clown clone Clooney for dummies: After reading this you'll know more than...
  8. A

    Hamas-Israel Deal: Who Benefits?

    Hamas-Israel Deal: Who Benefits? According to multiple news sources, including Haaretz andJPost, Hamas and Israel are currently in the process of solidifying a deal that would end the closure (also known as the blockade) in exchange for an eight-year cease-fire, return of prisoners and halt to...

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