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SUBWAY Restaurants Partners with Wounded Warrior’s Project


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Sep 21, 2012
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Sin City
by CJ @ SUBWAY Restaurants Partners with Wounded Warrior,

I got an email from one of the executives at SUBWAY and I wanted to share it with my readers since so many of you are active duty troops.

SUBWAY appreciates and celebrates all veterans for their service to our country. To show their appreciation SUBWAY restaurants is partnering with Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) to help further their mission to honor and empower wounded warriors.

In addition to a $111,112 donation, they are also helping to raise WWP’s visibility and awareness by showcasing some of their inspiring wounded warriors’ stories on their social media channels. They will also host a special giveaway on Twitter the weekend of November 9th calling for fans to recognize their inspiring hero with a shout out including the hashtag #SUBWAYSalutes, and a pic of their favorite sub. To join the conversation, visit them on Twitter, @Subway, from 11/9-11/11 for a chance to win FREE $25 SUBWAY cards for you to enjoy with a veteran in your life. They would love to hear what being a soldier means to you, so please share with them on Facebook or Twitter.

Jared “the SUBWAY guy” Fogle will make a surprise lunch time visit to a military base on Friday, November 9th to help kick off our national program and partnership with the WWP honoring veterans.

Lastly, if a qualified veteran that you may know is interested in opening a SUBWAY restaurant on a military or government location the franchise fee is waived. If they would like to open in another type of location they can also receive a reduced fee. This type of support would literally save the veteran thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in start up costs!!


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