Speaking of That "Culture of Corruption"

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Apr 25, 2004
Berger Again
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
January 11, 2007

What we do know is that the Clinton sleuths now have still more evidence of the Clinton administration's abuse of power and fundamental lawlessness. The administration's public record is replete with the Clintons' obstructing investigations by withholding documents. Just recall Hillary's subpoenaed billing records from the Rose Law Firm that were kept for months from the Independent Counsel before they appeared magically in her living quarters. Or remember when her aides illegally entered the just deceased Vince Foster's White House office to carry off materials that only law enforcement officials should have seen.

The Democrats now repine over a Republican "Culture of Corruption." Well, it did not start with the Republicans. I can find no historic parallel for what Bill Clinton's National Security Adviser Berger did at the National Archives, and he got off with a misdemeanor. From this week's Congressional Report it appears to me that he stole documents, possibly destroyed them, and apparently corrupted Archives officials and officials in the Justice Department. Cultures of corruption have a way of spreading. When I read of Senator Hillary Clinton's run for the White House I wonder, do the Democrats want to go through this degraded debate all over again?

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