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Soros lives while no names killed.


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Apr 13, 2017
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Putnam Lake, NY raised, Pawling, NY resident.
It makes me question what's up with all these no names being targeted, but not George Soros?

Either these incidences are incredibly fake, or Humanity is incredibly dumb.

Considering George Soros reputation of being involved with a New World Order, championed by quite a few on the Left, and Right.
(If true, or not is another question)

However, it's definitely true that Soros has a nasty reputation from many on the Right as being involved in the meddling in pushing left wing, and anti-Racist agenda.
(While, perhaps over exaggerated, there's definitely some evidence of this)

But, the point stands, why do no names get killed , and not big names causing big problems/?

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