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So What Will The New Congress Bring Us?


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Nov 22, 2003
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While not answering that question, some things to watch for:


January 5, 2007
News Analysis
New Majority’s Choice: Should G.O.P. Policies Be Reversed?

WASHINGTON, Jan. 4 ¬ó Democrats realized their political and legislative dream Thursday. Now they must face reality.

As they take control of the House and Senate, members of the new majority must reconcile diverse ideological factions within their ranks and make a fundamental choice. They can spend their energy trying to reverse what they see as the flaws of the Bush administration and a dozen years in which conservative philosophy dominated Congress. Or they can accept the rightward tilt of that period and grudgingly concede that big tax cuts, deregulation, restrictions on abortion and other Republican-inspired changes are now a permanent part of the legislative framework...

... Republicans are waiting to see what develops, uncertain if Democrats sincerely want to join hands and produce some consensus on public policy. Or, as one senior Republican asked, will Democrats hostile to the Bush administration be more like the scorpion in the fable with the frog, unable to resist the urge to sting even if they hurt themselves?

Democrats acknowledge that with their minuscule majority in the Senate and one in the House that is not much larger, they lack the political muscle to go too far in reversing Bush policy even if that was their chief goal. And they already have their hands full with delivering on their own ambitious legislative agenda, following through on their pledges of bipartisanship and ethics overhaul and avoiding anything that costs the party its chance at the White House in 2008.

Leading Democrats say their best direction is forward, concentrating on establishing a new party legacy rather than obsessing with the perceived failings of Republican rule. The test for the party’s newly empowered leadership and the Congressional membership will be whether they can stick to that path.


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Oct 13, 2004
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What I don't think they'll bring us.

1. A border fence
2. Rights for unborn babies.
3. Respect for America abroad
4. Lower taxes or tax reform
5. Respect for politicians in general
6. Approval of a Constitution adhering Supreme Court Justice...i.e. Scalia or Thomas
7. Respect/tolerance and equal treatment of American citizens who are biblical Christians with respect to other American religious groups.
8. Increased support for the American Armed Forces (all branches).
9. I'm sure my list could be added-to many-fold by others.
What they will do. IMO

1. Will capitulate to Middle East dictatorship pressures.
2. Will push the U.S. increasing towards globalistic relationships by erroding the influence of U.S. Constitutional law.
3. Will lean towards the mantra that man is the bain of the world, and is the sole cause of global warming (If global warming even is happening).
4. Democratic Senators and Congressmen will individually continue to have the highest per capita income of any party officiates in Congress, compared to any other party representatives.
5. Lobbyists will have a "hey day" as they haven't seen since the years just before the Gingrich (Republican) Congress took over.
Life will go on. We the sheeple, will gradually see that we impulsively gave up and were guilty of impatience in our fight against terrorism, and over taxation, and opened a small, but potentially dangerous Pandora's box in this past election.

Blue states will stay, Blue at their core, but may pull a "Reagan" in a major election in the next few years as even "they" can't stomach the direction that their country is going.

We humans seem to have to learn by trial and error. It's like the old mule and the 2x4 on the forehead.

I think that the new Republican party will or has gotten a little bit of a wake up call. Conservatism isn't a moniker to take lightly.

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