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  • Trob: I think they changed the format just a few days ago.

    Nice to hear from you. Hope your surviving the Obama-bliteration of our Constitution? ;)

    Been in a nice long running debate on the religion section of the forum. It's me versus the whole Mormon church I guess ;).........Boy, I've been called all kinds of things by them so far; "hater" "persecuter" "idiot" "ignorant" etc..... ;)

    I've about given up trying to dialogue with'em. They've called in their reinforcements on me. Once in a while I get a "rep" from a quiet/hidden member that doesn't want to jump into the frey, and get their head chewed off by these nice folks with the happy smiles, black slacks, neck ties, white dress shirts, and bicycles. ;)

    Don't have a thing against them; just questioning their doctrine, and now I'm the enemy. ;)

    Trob: Again, nice to hear from you. I've not been posting much on Carnutz as it seems rather slow there.

    Sincerely, Eightball - Gary
    They banned me at CarNuts. I hope I can get you to stop by Home of the Name That Car Puzzle once in a while. I will poke around this place a bit more in order to stay in touch with you and Trob.

    Thanks again for all the support you threw my way over at CN. I do appreciate it.

    Charlie Oncina
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