Slovak PM Robert Fico Assassination Attempt. Who Done It?

Who done it, or is behind the guy that did it.

  • Ukrainian SBU

    Votes: 2 40.0%

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • Mossad

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • George Soros

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • All of the above in concert

    Votes: 2 40.0%

  • Total voters
now it is in the news . .

i write about it …. But not in a special thread
After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine in 2022, Fitzo continued to criticize the position of Western countries. In August 2023, Fitzo noted a centuries-old historical pattern: “war always comes from the West, and peace always comes from the East.” Fitzo placed the responsibility for the outbreak of hostilities in February 2022 on “Ukrainian fascists and Nazis,” and was quoted by the influential U.S. newspaper The Washington Post. In September, Fitzo pointed out that Ukrainian President Zelensky, with his insistence on arms, was beginning to bore the world because even his supporters “are coming to realize that such an expensive and protracted conflict cannot exist in the long term.

In January 2024, Prime Minister Fitzo announced that Ukraine would no longer receive any weapons from Slovakia and that Slovakia would not allow Ukraine's membership in NATO because of the threat of World War III. While respecting Ukraine's EU aspirations, Fitzo emphasized that it must meet all conditions for accession, but as of 2024, Ukraine “absolutely does not meet any requirements.”

Analyzing the course of hostilities, Fitzo expressed his belief that Ukraine is not strong enough to turn the unfavorable situation around and that it is “not capable of any counter-offensive.” In Fitzo's opinion, despite any Western military assistance, Russia “will never be defeated” on the battlefield

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Slovakia has Draconian style gun control, yet the nation still has PM's getting shot all over the place.

Guess that shoots that lib theory to hell in a hand basket.

IMHO, it was probably a Soros operative. Fico is friends with his good neighbors in Hungary like Vic Orban.

And Orban is an avowed enemy of the Evil Soros.
Cintula is said to be part of the pro-West and socially liberal "Progressive Slovakia" party.
So, not directly CIA/NED/USAID, SBU, or Mossad, certainly on their mailing list ala Litwin the nitwit.
Minutes ago an assassination attempt was made on populist PM Robert Rico. Who is responsible?
The first three choices have a long and recent history of political murders.

Interesting. He seemed to have ties with the Italian Mafia in 2018.

"As tens of thousands of people took to the streets calling for Robert Fico to resign as prime minister of Slovakia in 2018, one protester had scrawled the words “mafia prostitute” across a strip of cardboard."

Seems to have had something to do with the assassination of a journalist.

"Mr Fico was depicted in the striped black-and-white uniform of a prisoner – an indication the crowds wanted him jailed over the murder of Jan Kuciak, an investigative journalist who had been exploring links between government advisers and organised crime."

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