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Sep 22, 2013
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A fun summer 2020 fan-fiction about IRA calamity, inspired by the iconic action-adventure film Die Hard! Thanks so much for reading (stay safe all),



Isaac Satan, a CIA agent stationed in Belfast (Northern Ireland) traveled to LA in the summer of 2021 for an office party during the opening of a new skyscraper for the Paper Company in which her Irish-American wife Shelbye Collins worked. The office party was going to be a media splash and would include photos of a new treasury of the incredible jewelry and gold and diamonds held in the vault-room of the Paper Company skyscraper. This office party was going to be very important for Isaac's wife Shelbye, so he wanted to be sure he attended with bells on his feet.


Isaac Satan took an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin airport to LAX and arrived at the Paper Company skyscraper which included residential suites and checked into the room his wife booked for him. He began to unwind and shower and shaved to prepare for the party in which his wife Shelbye was already hosting. It was a special 'Christmas-in-July' party at the skyscraper opening, and Isaac was grateful his Aer Lingus flight wasn't delayed for any reason!


The skyscraper itself was something to behold for any man of the modern world. The Paper Company had become a proud capitalist institution, and the LA skyscraper was a beacon for incredible human endeavor and commercial activity. Gone was the fear of 9/11, and Isaac Satan was simply excited to attend his wife's office party at the immaculate building. He marveled at its design and thought about his crude and basic set-up in Belfast while working for the CIA. This LA skyscraper was truly remarkable!


The office party was terrific, and Isaac simply mingled and began drinking and chatting with the guests. He kept trying to find his wife Shelbye who was constantly busy hosting the guests and investors at the event at the skyscraper!


The Christmas-in-July themed office party was a great toast to capitalist activity, and Shelbye was very enthusiastic and was very attractive, and Isaac admired her from a distance!


However, all was not well in paradise. A group of rogue IRA (Irish Republican Army) terrorists tracked Isaac Satan from Belfast (Northern Ireland) to the LA skyscraper office party and decided to hijack the entire building and hold all the guests of the Christmas-in-July party as hostages. This was advanced terrorism. Isaac immediately realized what was happening when the terrorists burst in with masks on and machine-guns and announced they'd destabilized all security systems and guardsmen and were looking for the executive who'd lead them to the vault-room with the gold and diamonds stored!


Isaac sneaked away like a wolf and hid in the bathroom and crawled into the ventilation duct tunnels of the LA skyscraper while the IRA terrorists spoke with the executive of the Paper Company who was escorting the terrorists to the treasure vault-room. These terrorists explained they were looking for Isaac Satan the CIA agent, but the Paper Company executive told them he wasn't sure who Isaac's associates and contacts at their Christmas-in-July party were or what Isaac was doing currently. He didn't even know where Isaac was at the moment. The IRA terrorists told the executive they were just interested in the gold and diamonds!


EXECUTIVE: You're simply thieves, then?
IRA: You don't have simple gold in this skyscraper, sir!
EXECUTIVE: What kind of terrorists are you?
IRA: Who said we're terrorists, haha?


Isaac crawled out of one of the ventilation duct tunnel openings and crawled back towards the main office party arena room where the terrorists were keeping hostages while the lead terrorists were led to the treasure vault room. Isaac spotted two or three of the terrorists holding groups of hostages with guns. Isaac decided to sneak up behind one who was some distance away from the others and snapped his neck and stole his gun and dragged his body behind a desk in the back! Isaac then proceeded to kill more and more of these skyscraper terrorists while collecting their guns and ammunition for more police action!


The lead terrorist, Sean, was told someone, some rogue hero-cop was taking down the terrorists by stealth and stealing their guns. Sean decided to send a radio-PA message to the skyscraper rooms from the PA-room telling the 'hero-cop' he'd kill hostages if he didn't surrender and joked that the 'hero-cop' was perhaps some comic book dazzled delusional 'superhero' like Green Arrow!


Isaac ('Green Arrow') meanwhile used a CB-radio system in the skyscraper to inform LAPD and FBI that the IRA terrorists had seized control of the Paper Company skyscraper. Within 2 hours, crowds and police and FBI and SWAT and reporters assembled to witness the incredible event which was hopefully not going to mirror 9/11.


Isaac ('Green Arrow') tracked Sean, the lead IRA terrorist group of 'skyscraper bandits' to the treasure vault room where he found Sean and three other IRA terrorists piling in the gold and diamonds into duffel-bags. Isaac popped out from behind them and gunned the three terrorists down before grabbing Sean from behind. However, the resourceful and unmasked and beared Sean who was wearing a slick business suit and tie wrestled himself and Isaac towards the nearby window and hurled both of them out of the shattered window where they now hung over, right over the ledge, as the stunned outdoor crowds and cops looked on in amazement. After about 30 minutes of hanging and screaming, Isaac managed to miraculously crawl back into the window and dropped Sean behind who decided to try to grab Isaac's gun and compromise his grip. Isaac saw Sean simply fall all the way down to this tragic and certainly public death!


Three months later, a comic book story was generated in the USA about CIA agent Isaac Satan ('Green Arrow') saving the day and preventing the rogue ex-IRA terrorists led by the devilish Sean from stealing the valuable treasure from the new Paper Company LA skyscraper. The comic book featured a color drawing of the bearded ex-terrorist bandit Sean falling to his timely (or untimely!) death!


ISAAC SATAN: I'm just greatful to God that this wasn't like 9/11 and my wife Shelbye and I were safe. This was some office party, I have to say, even if you're a resident of troubled Los Angeles.




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