Should RFK Jr replace Biden on the Democrat ticket?

This is America.....


We have already walked off the cliff and we are just waiting for gravity to do it's thing.
RFK Jr would be able to work with the GOP to help solve problems. Biden only wants his way and not what is best for the country.

Only people that would replace Biden on the ticket would be Harris or Newsom.
Yes . As far as his being an Independent may exclude him from nomination remember Bernie Sanders was an Independent. I would love to see a rebellion at the DNC and have some Delegate stand up and put his name into nomination.
The Democrats don't want to work with Republicans, they want to subjugate them.

In any event, RFK Jr. is the wrong ethnic persuasion for the D's to nominate. Kamala is next in line, and the black chick contingent wouldn't want her deleted in favor of another Honky.
Only people that would replace Biden on the ticket would be Harris or Newsom.
UberC^@t is interested. Believe it. Always. Its lust for power is enormous and unquenched.

She/it is gonna make noises in the background, gonna pretend to be a 'team' player, all the while vying to replace the empty suit that is, and always has been, Sponge Brains Shits Pants.

I mean, dimocraps act like this is a big surprise when they've known all along that Sponge Brains Shits Pants is a decrepit old thief and a Dementia-ridden gangster.

I mean, he SHIT HIS PANTS in front of the Pope. Five different outlets came out with the same exact story at the same exact time and the DISGUSTING FILTH in the Media worked hand-in-hand with the dimocrap scum party to squelch it.

People -- It isn't dimocrap politicians that are a threat to our Country...... It's dimocrap voters. They're just simply STOOPID

Deal with it.

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