- Seconds - { 1966 }


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Oct 10, 2021
Hardly a Joke but this is without question THE Most
terrifying film I ever watched.Sadfully it was when I was
sent away to Boarding school to repeat the 8th grade.
As a young 14 year old I never should have been allowed near
a movie theatre.But one saturday night in Fall I decided to go
into the city to watch a movie.The expensive Prep school
was chock full of Spoiled brat kids who got kicked out
of most every school they attended.So this dark dreary saturday
night it was announced at Dinner that a school bus would be
be leaving in a couple hrs. for those wanting to watch.
This is not a movie for even daredevil adults.
Oddly the movie has no gore or blood & guts.
But it's an example of what Society could Transform into.
Transformation of human being by scalpel into complete
different beings.Like no one would be the wiser.
No bloody scenes like Today.Just John Frankenheimer style
surreal close-ups and really spooky organ takes.
The ending is virtually To Die For.
Any questions
The movie deals with New Identities.Something unheard of in the
Mid-60's. Currently a big circus tent of suckers are now willing
to buy into this form inhumanity or REBIRTH. Which relies
Too often on Blackmail.Like in this Movie.
Forgive me for giving away one of the exclusive techniques
which may parallel too closely with current today.
The excuse given in the movie is :
" I have a message from Charlie ...
He wanted me to tell you that Rebirth
Is painful.Just kind of Insurance. Is it easier to
Go forward when you know you can't go back.
But you knew that didn't you the minute you
hung up. "
Got how this sorta thing kinda operates.
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Yes! Yes, I have questions!!

WTF, Over?
It's very seldom seen or offered Movie from the mid-60's.
The opening credit has a sound that immediately gives me
goose bumps.Plus the still twisted { as surreal as it gets }
It's NOT a movie to get comfortable with.It's a movie
that shrinks a humans ability to merely sit thru.
It makes the late 50's Vincent Price thriller - The Tingler -
virtually appear as if childs play.

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