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Rove Encourages People to Return Census Forms

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May 27, 2009
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Karl Rove tapped for new Census ad - War Room - Salon.com

Monday, Apr 5, 2010 10:05 EDT
Karl Rove tapped for new Census ad
Advisor to former President Bush tapes public service announcement as GOP worries about right's response rate Video
By Alex Koppelman

Following up on Gabriel Winant's earlier post on conservatives' feelings about this year's Census, here's an interesting bit of news: The Census Bureau has tapped Karl Rove for a new public service announcement in which he encourages people to return their forms.

Conservatives farther out on the fringe might be wary of the Census, but Rove is smart enough -- and mainstream enough -- to know that it could be politically disastrous for the Republican Party if the right has an unusually low response rate. That might be what's motivating him here.
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